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  1. Cheers mate. I am toying with the idea. I mightn't stick to tubing to be fair. Thanks mate
  2. Hello lads. So ive decided to change my set up and brought back avid 2tonne flurocarbon leader on 0.41mm I've tied it to my main line via a Albright knot. How long do you think I need to have the leader it's self? And do I need to stretch it out? Many thanks
  3. Anyone used one and what's there views Cheers
  4. Yeah I use a cradle and do the exact same what you said. Feel prepared for spring and first full season
  5. Had this one over the weekend! Done 3 nights. Moved swim after a night and it paid of as this dark 25.9lber graced my net Tough conditions
  6. One from the weekend 23.2lb Blakes baits doing the business
  7. Thanks for all your replies. I'm quite handy so I might give t ago on a old rod first!!
  8. I currently have velocitys with the thin black butts. Is it possible to get these changed to cork? If so how do I go about it? I not there's cotsworld etc
  9. Sorry for all the questions but they are saying its the light uv what makes the line invisible in the water, so say at night when there is no light except from the moon on some occasions surely the line is going to be like a rope through the water?
  10. So do you think it will be Inbetween mono and fluro to cast? I might buy some and play around with it in my pond as its not expensive. Sounds like it's a good line but will it only be 'invisible' in clear gravel pits do you recon? And visual in clay pits where the water is very murky? The sience that's gone into carping now is crazy! Ha
  11. Has anyone seen any reviews on this line? Sounds amazing that it's just invisible when it goes in the lake
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