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  1. Unfortunately Tim .... I Never got planning on my Land , like you mentioned that goes back a decade of trying. This lake is a friends project only down the road from me . We will hopefully make a start in the spring 👍 Other plans.... off to France in March now for a spot of monster hunting . 🎣🎣😎
  2. Thanks mate.... just looking at the date of my original post & it will be 3 years in January ! .where does the time go 🙈
  3. Well 2 years on & 16 thousand pounds 👀 in planning fees finally got the go ahead . To late in the year now so will have to be spring next year for a start date on the works .
  4. Bit of Tetris & you should be fine with the custom for 3 anglers . Two of us go in My lwb connect with a little bit of room spare . Your make it work 😉
  5. Main thing to remember through out the summer & especially in these current temps , is to limit the time any capture is out the water, or best of all do all the work in the water if possible. Should think DO levels are getting on the low side ... which will make the fishing tough going & be the cause of many a blank .
  6. CT1 won't let you down.... not used it on bait boats myself as I don't have one , but its a good product & will work for your requirements.
  7. Had to do a bit of work to the transom of the boat to suit the engine my dad had spare , I was surprised at the 20mm tolerance you have for optimum efficiency after downloading the pdf for it . Also primed & antifouled the hull as I'm going to moor it on the river . Still need to gelcoat the new work but then she's good to go 👍
  8. Cracking fish guys ..... congrats on the pb elmo 😎
  9. Just looking forward to fishing a bit more again Tim .... been working flat out the last 5 years which hasn't meant much fishing time . Just been the odd booked lake with mates . Still busy for the next few months, but next year when hopefully all the hard work starts to pay off .... should see me scaling back my work load & working a lot less . There's specimen fish of all species where I'm thinking of mooring it , with only a couple of locks to negotiate . Really looking forward to it mate 👍 Its only a little 14ft boat paid 500 £ for it ... but I'll turn it into a floating bivvy basically, tucked into some trees waiting for a rod to rip off 🎣
  10. I took retro baits last time I went to France... was the best deal for 100k I could find at the time . Have a great trip mate 👍
  11. Grew up boating & sailing on the rivers , so looking forward to going back to it .
  12. Well, after a fair bit of wondering where I want to fish & try & find a place to call home again after all my waters being ottered.... And basically drawing a blank with waiting list & far to busy waters anyway for my liking tbh. I've decided to buy a boat to access the rivers on my doorstep & see what specimens i can tempt ...pick it up in the week . 👍 I reckon by the time I've paid the licence/ boat checks & insurance it will work out similar to a syndicates i was looking at .
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