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  1. And these 2 came from the same margin spot
  2. Thanks mate ... turns out to be covid, first time I've caught it . These were my captures before I got ill 🤒 30lb 12 oz on a 10ft zig
  3. Well , had 4 days planned at churn pool with 3 other mates arrived Monday feeling fine , but by Monday night was feeling like death warmed up sickness/ shivering/ aching all over. So had to reel the rods in & they didn't go back out. back home now in bed wondering what a good session it could of been as I did manage to catch before the sickness kicked in . Managed to brake my run of blanks which I'm happy about , but I know it could of been a blinder ,just my luck at the moment it seems 🙈
  4. Well been through some of my old photos & its actually reminded me how lucky I've been in the past to catch some of the fish I have , hopefully going to get out fishing more this year 🤞
  5. Cracking fish all I'll have to dig out the old phone & see what I can find .
  6. The Lord works in mysterious ways 😁
  7. Yes mate still enjoyed the week 👍 Journey not so much with the French riots etc meant a pretty big detour to avoid it all .
  8. The weather was against us tbh mate & its known as a tricky lake. I came away actually not to disheartened as I felt I actually read the lake & conditions well . There was a pressure change due Thursday Dropping down from 1022 to 1009 , so I put all 3 rods on a spot & felt sure I would get a chance to save the blank & bank a proper unit . The change came late afternoon Thursday still no sign of feeding fish! I was up before light on the Friday ( last day ) & sure enough there were on it crashing all over me felt sure I was going to get a take at any point .... bobbins were dancing with liners , but never got a pick up 🙈 , they had decided to feed an hour or so before the pressure started to rise again as soon as it did they shut up shop & with that my chance had gone . That's fishing eh .
  9. Well I've decided to sell all my kit after blanking all week in France 🙈😁 Taking up magnet fishing
  10. Sounds promising 😎 👍.... I take it you've got a mahoooosive lorry to bring all the kit you've purchased over the last few years 😁
  11. Just tell her there's a good chance of a pb .... surely any wife will understand that
  12. I can see up to Tuesday next week & looking a little milder than its been ... pressure also starts dropping Monday afternoon & moon phases are is good as it gets all week , not seen any catch reports this week the lads the week before had two fish out all week between 4 of them (1st openingweek ). There's only two of us going so plenty of options to move etc the lakes 6 acres. Forest view carp lake near limoges, first time going to this particular venue so going blind so to speak .
  13. Obviously off to France Friday lads .... shall we try & get this booked & paid for before I go ? just incase I have poor signal Or happy to ping my share to one of you before I go 👍
  14. Thanks mate 👍 Your not supposed to take any bait since we left the EU .... but from what I understand its just something there not policing. Might hide the worms behind most of the kit though Every time I've been to France fishing I've been pulled out of the line & searched.... not that i look dodgy or anything
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