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  1. What a cracking thing to have a go at mate . I wonder if a metal detector would of unearthed some bigger nuggets 😁 I've always wondered about the river that runs though my land 🤔
  2. Daiwa emblem spod reel .... awesome retrieval rate & bullet proof . Cant fault it tbh .
  3. Nick your just fishing the obvious spots in that swim lol .... fallen tree trunk / lillies/ gullies/ gravel bar / back water channel / sounds good to me where do we sign up 😁
  4. 100 % I even said at the time ... that was definitely a fish I couldn't of caught , plus the other takes you had . Most of my fishing these days is exclusive bookings with mates .... normally 4 of us . Its split 50/50 with 2 of us not using bait boats & 2 that do . From my experience & all the info gathered between us over the past decade or so . A bait boat will only catch you more fish if you know what your doing in the first place . & can be an awesome bit of kit . If your a noddy your still be a noddy just with a bait boat 😁 Regarding certain comments about having more skills etc .... you could spin that around & say an angler with a bait boat & all the sonar etc & knows how to use it, has developed more skills .
  5. Had a great few days .... absolute pleasure meeting you all . & big thanks again to elmo for organising it 👍. commonly has pretty much covered the fishing side of things .... did fancy my chances when the wind changed & I moved, but should think the otter in my swim killed any chance of a carp . Well that's what I'm telling my self 🙄 Still great to get out & meet new people 😎 Big congrats to lads that did manage a carp 👏
  6. 3 bites ....3 tench for me so far 🙈 Certainly not been giving them selves away. The most carp we've seen , unfortunately have been in a section of the lake only accessible by boat & none of us realised you had to bring your own to get to the swim .... kev was even online looking at buying one 😂 I've moved this morning , new warm wind so moved right into the teeth of it into the corner its hacking into . . Certainly more confident now than I have been . Proper weedy though so presentation is tricky. Fingers crossed 🤞
  7. Just heading out now to do a food shop mate... vans pretty much packed . Looking forward to meeting you in the morning & a walk around the lake . With the shape of it , should make for an interesting draw & swim choice I reckon . 👍
  8. 100% mate ...never fished a venue that does this .
  9. I would if got another armo as the last one lasted 14 years including family camping .... but it was just after lock down & there was no stock anywhere . So ended up with the Hq .
  10. Depends on the 2man though eh mate . My old mk2 armo 2 man had a far smaller foot print than the new avid . The Avid isn't a patch on it either.
  11. I'll go 1 man I reckon with not knowing where I might end up , be silly for the bivvy to hinder my swim choice . @dalej2014 drawing for swim choice is the normal way of things . Numbers 1-5 number 1 gets first pick 5 last . I'm always last with lads i regularly go with its gone beyond a joke 🙈
  12. @elmoputney any idea on swim size mate ? I'm leaning towards the 1 man bivvy over the 2 man .... just incase 🙈
  13. Mate .... I joined a sydi years back .... deep mere up in Shropshire so it was a good 2.5 hours away , but the fish were stunning . I absolutely loved zig fishing there, it went down to 30ft & 12ft zigs seem to work a treat . Before the renewal came around they announced zigs were to band . I just knew it would do my head in watching the birds hit the hatch knowing that a zig would produce but couldn't fish them . So didn't rejoin.... real shame as I love the lake & the fish .
  14. Going to have a look at my kit this weekend.... last time out I came down really ill with covid & it all just got chucked in anywhere 🙈 Looking forward to this time next week 😎
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