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  1. There are some pictures on the FB page if you scroll right down, looks like a few decent doubles but no photos of anything 20+. Also lake info has changed from up to 30lb to up to 26lb.
  2. Hello just been having a quick look online for a stink bag/carry bag for my Pro logic retention sling. I'm not brand loyal or a brand snob but I can't seem to find such a thing. I'd just rather not stick it in the car at the end of the session wet through. Any suggestions welcome thanks Paul
  3. I agree I've done well with curved shank hooked with the addition of a line aligner. I guess the klor takes it one step further than a standard curve shank and that's it's selling point.
  4. Don't think I'll bother purchasing any then if they are just a curve shank without the need for line aligner. I think I have more confidence in that little bit of shrink tube
  5. My main reasoning for the rethink on the rigs is that I moved up to size 4 crank hooks this year and it's not been a good year. On a recent session I dropped back down to some old curve shank size 8s I had with a line aligner on a blow back and also a 360 rig with same hook and I had a fish on each which reignited my confidence.
  6. I just bought some too last night...wondered why barbed size 8 are out of stock on every single listing haha
  7. Hi all, Having a rethink on my rigs as I've had so many blanks this year. In terms of the hooking potential or mechanics of the above 3 rigs is there really any difference between them? Is it just that a d rig aligner and German rig would be more suited to pop ups and blowback for bottom baits? Thanks Paul
  8. What are your thoughts on the klor so far? Wondered about giving them a go - I mainly use either a Ronnie rig, 360 rig or line aligner combi
  9. Looks like I've found something else I need to buy 😂😂😂
  10. Yes this is a recent change to improve security. If you contact one of the committee they will happily provide it. All their contact numbers are on the wdaa website. It's not in the wdaa membership book as yet as it was only implemented in the last month or so. I think they are considering adding it for next year but not sure what was decided as for security they may sometimes need to change it?
  11. So do you just tighten up to the lead and then open the bail arm and let the hanger basically drop to the ground/fully slack or do you have those hangers that are for pike fishing that hang on the line from behind the reel?
  12. Been using my new QD reels for a bit now and I quite like them actually. I do find them pretty easy to use and I've got it in my head now how much of a turn to give them to get the drag roughly right with the minimum amount of fiddling. Just a thought though I'm out pike fishing today and using running rigs as you would expect. Do you think they have more resistance than baitrunner systems? I'm wondering if I'm more likely to get dropped runs especially with pike when using QDs. Does anyone use their QDs for pike fishing too?
  13. I know a guy that drives a mobility scooter with a trailer towed behind it... Reg plate says gone fishin 😂
  14. Like a sit on lawn mower? Haha Just set it up tonight, feels really solid and so easy to pack down for the car. Can fully remove the wheel and handles with 4 knobs! Then the rest folds flat. When you push it empty it feels like it weighs literally nothing... Not 16kg or whatever it is!
  15. I got the deluxe one and it's got bags everywhere haha
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