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  1. Let me know when you've had a chance to try them out framey.😁👍
  2. I'm still using my original gemini bait shields from many years ago, how do the splash downs compare to the shields?
  3. Totally agree mate I was never in the house when I was a kid. I have two teenagers and they spent most of their spare time in their rooms.
  4. Start them young mate, that's what I like to see.😂🤣😂
  5. I actually did buy cheap rods £40.00 each, Daiwa blackwidow g50 3lb tc and they have been excellent rods. As for reels I did pay a little more Daiwa crosscast but the model I got is no longer available but there again excellent reels. As long as you do your research.
  6. I wouldn't of got the century if it wasn't for my fantastic wife buying it for my birthday, I just got the 1 for the time being hopefully I will be adding another one in the future but I also want some new reels aswell very expensive hobby this fishing but worth every penny. 😁👍
  7. Penn 525mag1 the original and best American made for the time being and once I've got some spare cash I will be getting myself some Penn fathoms mk2 mag.😁👍
  8. Cheers mate and I will but I'm going to have to wait 2 weeks for my birthday. I can't wait to get it on the beach.😁👍
  9. I watched this and many more while doing my research, I don't think I'll be emptying the spool on my reel though. 😂
  10. The text came out messed up I don't know why but you'll get the gist.😁👍
  11. I know it's carp gear but i'm absolutely made up with my new beach caster. I just wanted to share it. Birthday prezzie of my wonderful wife.
  12. It great this beach fishing all my gear in that one rucksack hung on my tripod.
  13. My first proper session since starting back sea fishing, wasn't a good start I could only get frozen bait and the tide was racing through, so struggled to hold bottom but i managed 1 whiting and it was great to be back on the beach.
  14. I don't really use Facebook mate thanks for the idea anyway. 👍
  15. I'm getting an Ian gold super match tripod for my beach fishing, My old one broke when I last went about 4 weeks ago but it had been sat in my loft for quite a lot of years and had plenty of use in the past. 😁👍
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