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  1. I went to Rossal Beach Blackpool tonight and caught 1 Bass, a baby Thornback Ray, a plaice and a doggy. A most enjoyable evening spent by the sea I loved it.
  2. No I'm afraid not mate sandy beach's only.
  3. Well done mate, looks like you had a good session and a couple of nice bass there. I'm going tomorrow night. The smoothes have arrived in the Northwest along with the bass and Thorneys. Plus all the flatfish and doggys, So I'm hoping for a good session.
  4. I'm hoping too get out this week myself. Thornback Ray will be the target, with the chance of a Bass and maybe a Smoothy.😁👍🎣
  5. Anything doing mate? 😁👍🎣
  6. That was exactly what I was thinking [censored] or ***. 😂🤣😂
  7. finchey

    Air Soft

    Bird boxes not good this time of year mate birds are starting to build their nest now.
  8. Good luck elmo, let us know how you get on mate. 😁👍🎣
  9. My back has gone several times over the last few years and think the worst was when I was brushing my teeth, I bent over to spit in the sink and my back locked and I couldn't move for quite a few minutes and when I could eventually move it was the most worst pain ever.
  10. My plans for this year are too hit the beaches as much as possible, I'm loving my shore fishing so far this year. What ever fishing you do get out and enjoy it that's what it's all about.😁👍
  11. No mate it was a blank for me, I did stick with big lug and squid baits on pully rigs because there's still the odd cod coming out. A couple of mates were out with me they were on small baits and hooks and managed a dab and and a couple whiting between them. It was unbelievably cold but it great too be out. Can't wait for this Wednesday night, we are out again, Wednesday nights are becoming a regular thing I'm loving it.
  12. I went to Rossal at Blackpool last night, I would say some of the coldest conditions that I've ever fished on a beach.
  13. Any luck mate? I went on Wednesday night just a few whitting. Love my new rod, my new reel arrived but not had chance to load with line yet, it does look like the dogs dangleys can't wait to use it. 😁👍
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