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    It's been confirmed today. I haven't fished it in a while but it's a sad state of affairs. In Novemeber/December the pool received a stocking from the CRT from Earlswood engine pool, a lake that I believe in 2008 was deemed to have khv. So i think any survivors may have been immune but carriers of the disease. The posts suggest that the stock that's been affected is the original stock, beautiful old English carp. Which gives further credence to the fact that the moved fish were infected but immune. What's worse, is that some of the locals didn't like the new fish and have on catching from trench, moved them into other local pools, which means the virus and it's impacts could further impact the local waters. I'm still unsure how the original fish movement was signed off, given it was supposedly an authorised movement with all checks done and signed off by the relevant authorities, given the history of the pool they came from.
  2. I think I know where you're on about, if it's behind an area that's seen a lot of recent housing development in recent years. I've walked round a few times but never fished it. There are quite a few carp in there from what I've seen. If it has a corner with rocks wrapped in chicken wire, then ive seen them up that end along the reed line when it's hot. Reckon they'd take mixers in good weather. Otherwise I've seen them at the other end, sat in the margins close to the reedbeds. One was sat there less than a foot away. I'd fish tight to those reeds with simple tactics. Never seen anyone fishing there, so they're not pressured.
  3. I got checked today, second time in 20 plus years. Didn't have the licence on me, it was in the car. At first I couldn't find the email (I had data turned off which limited the search) I offered to go get it if the chap would look after my rods. He didn't seem keen and so said he'd phone it in. I then realised my mistake with data turned off and found it and provided the details. Good to see them out, not sure whether they caught anyone at the venue.
  4. Purchased a baby tri-pod for self takes I saw someone mention on another forum. Upto now I've taken my proper tripod but it's a little bulky and can be a pain to carry when travelling light. This new one fits in it's own little bag in my main ruck sack and about the right size for self takes. Well worth a look. https://www.7dayshop.com/products/camlink-tp330-tabletop-and-travel-photo-video-tripod-with-case-cl-tp330
  5. Cheers mate. First proper one this year but will be having a few more that's for sure. Got 4 days next week and the week after. 😀
  6. Got out last night for an overnight session. Found a few fish in a quiet corner and managed this one at just gone 5am. Had just woken up and was contemplating a cuppa when the alarm screamed off. Caught on a chod, my first ever as after a few casts with a lead couldn't find anywhere particularly clear of weed. Not my usual approach but didn't want to keep crashing a lead around. Wished I could have stayed on as this morning they were showing in the small bay and areas fizzing up.
  7. I'll agree the small cat biscuits really get then troughing. With smaller surface feed I still mix in some larger dog biscuits to match what I have on the hook. If they seem to be getting pre-occupied on the smaller feed, I've had results by scaling down the hook bait to a fox zig aligna in brown.
  8. No access, I did try baiting short and fishing closer though.
  9. I only managed the one, couldn't really make the most of the swim as could have done with maybe an extra 30 yards or so closer to the far margin. Phil really did have a great session though.
  10. Sorry mate, was meant to read stunners. Auto correct and beers is obviously not the one.
  11. Nice one Nige! Some stinkers there.
  12. I was out last night on a mini social, they were showing on the wind last night and again this morning. I couldn't get out far enough due to an island but mate I was down with and guy next to me who weren't hampered had a few fish to 34.5lb by the time I left this morning. May have helped the bream were out front spawning and possibly the fish eating the eggs.
  13. I'd go with a stringer, you rarely see anyone casting them out. With the multi rig I'd want to check that attaching it doesn't close the loop on the hook when cast out. If it does a hook bead may help keep it in place, or a slither of foam in it. To stop it plugging in the silt, I'd foam the hook and as big common has said maybe add a few to the stringer as well.
  14. Is this the one that took out his third rod, that was maybe 15 yards away? If he'd been fishing with a pod, he wouldn't have had that problem.
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