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  1. Has anyone had much success using solid bags in silt? How do you find the effectiveness of them? And can you add anything to slow the decent in the water such as pva nuggets or not piercing the bag?
  2. I’ve tried a few branded and unbranded leadcores
  3. Yeah I’m closing the gate and I’ve tried a few needles including the Korda one. For some reason I struggle with the last bit of pulling the leadcore through itself. I am removing the leadcore as well
  4. Any good tips for splicing leadcore? I can do all the steps except pulling the last bit through. I’ve watched several YouTube videos and they just pull the last bit through so easy. Every time I try i break the needle ? Even when trying to gently tease it through. What am I missing? Does anyone know how to do it in an easier way lol. Cheers
  5. When looking to use a marker rod to find features what’s the ideal test curve of rod? My spod rod feels a bit stiff when dragging a lead and my standard carp rods feel a bit soft if you get me. The lake I’m leading around on is very weedy and I’m struggling to find the holes in the weed. I’m using braid and a 2oz lead.
  6. When starting a campaign on a new target water what do you take into consideration to maximise your chances. How do you go about it? Obviously there’s the recon trips and watching the water but I’m just interested in everyone’s thoughts on how you go about starting on a new water? What do you do or how do you go about it?
  7. Brilliant thanks. Do you use a piece of silicone to trap the hair or a ring, what’s your preference?
  8. When tying a blow back or similar bottom bait rig do you remove a little of the coating just above the hook to create a hinge in the way you do for a pop up rig or leave all the coating on to create a stiffer rig with no hinge. From looking at videos online it seems to vary
  9. For those of you who do or have used tigers, do you find any times of the year better than others to use them and any tips on what to do or not do in terms of rig presentation, feeding or prebaiting with them etc. What works for you when using them. Cheers
  10. I’m just starting to use zigs . Is it worth spodding out bait over them or to use them in a roving manner ? Cast them around to try and find fish etc . Also is it worth flavouring them or is that just a gimmick ?
  11. I’ve just joined a new water and i want to pre bait a few spots over the autumn then into the winter . I’m thinking corn , maggot and hemp . Has anyone anything else they’d suggest or leave out as it gets colder etc ? Has anyone done this successfully? In this 4 acre lake the carp only show in the very middle but the silt is 3ft deep and it’s very shallow there as well
  12. No they feed it all over . The fish seem to lye by the no fishing area a lot . Maybe no pressure there , no lines and little disturbance. People do catch it's just the feeding windows are so small and so infrequent that I'm puzzled as to how to catch them when they seem to be off so much
  13. Yes that particular lake was stocked two years ago and the year before that and you can see them against the no fishing / no casting to bank
  14. Yeah the top guys are getting 4/5 fish per year and they're on it most weekends . Unfortunately I can't see people working together as everything is cloak and dagger lol . My next outings will be worm and maggot as the boilie & pellet thing hasn't produced for me . Ill try roving different areas and keeping mobile.
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