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  1. Ok then Nick , you seem to know more than world leaders and their advisers , so what would you have done and what would you do now ?
  2. My 1st idea would be to contact Angling lines .
  3. Stay strong , I find music helps .
  4. To be perfectly honest there is NO debate to be made and I do hope he doesn't suggest otherwise . As much as we all love our fishing it is not classed as essential so you cannot go . Essential travel only , purchase food , medicine and work if you really have to . Rules are rules so he can give his opinion but that does not change rules/law . We need fishing to been shown in a good light by the general public not a bunch of (insert your own words)
  5. Question for you Nick - do you know any one on the strict 3 month isolation ? I know 3 , father in law , my uncle , friends teenage girl . maybe more that I don't know about .
  6. Nick , There will always be questions and other views when radical measures are taken . My father in law is in full isolation due to , no spleen , blood cancer and prostate cancer all managed and stabilised with drugs , he knows his life expectancy is shortened compared to a fit healthy guy BUT when he goes he'd rather not be alone with the virus . There are many many more examples . All I'm asking is instead of looking for excuses of why not to follow the rules , look at WHY they are doing it . Is what they are doing going to save more lives then if they do nothing , thats a question NO one can answer , there's theories for both arguments . We HAVE to but our faith into the government and follow the rules .
  7. Nick you really are showing yourself up here !! How do the government decide out of the 67 million people can be safe fishing camping etc or ARE YOU SPECIAL IN some way and believe the rules shouldn't apply to you ! STOP trying to justify your thoughts and get behind the government . The people who get this and end up dying do so with NO loved ones around them , how would you feel loosing some one close and not being able to touch them kiss them talk to them in their final days and hours . I could go on but I need to calm down as its People? like you that will end getting other killed . Obey the rules and stop looking for reason not to look for the reason they are in place .
  8. hey no offence taken , crazy times with some crazy ideas from people (not u lol).
  9. Presume you quoted me by mistake , I'm with you mate this is serious and we to follow the rules . Keep well and safe mate .
  10. (choosing words carefully) See you really need to get with the programme !! Lets hope its not you or a loved one that suffers. While you may be right do you really believe the world leaders would do what their doing for nothing ! UNBELIEVABLE what some are spouting !
  11. I'm sorry Nick , you need to seriously re evaluate your thinking and HELP this country and its vulnerable . I would say 90% plus understand what the government are saying the others well lets just leave it there as you wouldn't like my answer !
  12. Not sure what your point is , If these few are driving to somewhere to exercise , walk etc then it is non essential and may well get a fine and will lead to us all having tighter restrictions . You have to adhere to the governments 'essential' travel not your own made up rubbish .
  13. Not sure , could be seen as growing produce to eat , the government seem to keep trying a softly softly approach but certain people keep pushing their luck which will result in a total lock down . Essential travel only people !
  14. It's very very clear essential travel only , as much as i want to fish and don't see a major issue with low numbers around a lake rules are rules . No water would actually need to close if people listened to the essential travel bit.
  15. hope your not stock piling
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