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  1. https://www.thecarpsociety.com/event/festival-of-carp-event-2023-65/
  2. Why would you want to change bleep speed ( one of the new features) ?
  3. Embryo ( with the Korea bank account) are buying every lake available. Monopoly comes to mind
  4. MITA = Many Thanks In Advance, ain't rocket science Are we really to clamp down and ban acronyms, please be pleasant gentleman
  5. Both these fisheries are currently under EA restrictions due to outbreaks of KHV
  6. King fish was superseded by Royal Marine so is not available any more ( got 10kg in freezer ) I personally use monster red all year round. From Simon Scott's Twitter I ALWAYS carry White Scent from Hells ! Then in the cool - monster red and when it's warm Atlantic Heat
  7. Been seeing posts saying small particle blocks the release pin or can prevent it engaging correctly and opening mid flight
  8. Seeing lots of negative stuff about them being pants, glad I ain't got one
  9. Worth applying though, can't turn everyone down
  10. Oh fishing thought you had a problem with Norfolk Nick will be around soon
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