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  1. Ive just started using them eso cryogens stiff riggers as part off a ronnie rig (strange choice i know) but ive been getting some awsome hook holds and even while giving fish some welly away from snags they havent let me down. Also noticed the point doesnt blunt very quickly and seems to be very durable so id rate them at a good buy!
  2. Looking to upgrade soon but ive just bought a new car so it will have to wait 🙁
  3. Havent posted on here in a very long while so ive got a tasty list of new purchases that ive made over the past year Free spirit e class golds 3.5lb tc, shimano ultegra ci4 1400 xtd. Nash zed bed ss4, trakker slx v2, delkim txis, slimlites,d locks,snag ears, a stupid amount of endtackle, cynet buzz bars and sticks, stage stands. Trakker net, nash cradle. Prestige barrow bag, barrow cover, ridgemonkey xl toaster, ridge monkey bivvy light, fox halo head torch, new syndicate ticket, esp syncro xt loaded, chod safe, zig safe and i think that just about covers it. Spent more money then sense since last visit to this post 😂
  4. Ive ruined my bank account recently. Free spirit e class golds 12ft 50mil but rings two in 3.5lb tc and one in 3.25lb tc and to top it off ive had a new trakker slx v2 1 man bivvy. The tartyness is in force this year
  5. Ill give mt bivvy a jet wash now and then as ill fish all year round. Give the bed a wipe down. Rods,reels and alarms get a wipe down. Bags get a regular sort out so when i turn up to set up in the dark i know where everything is. I run more of a as i go maintenence as i dont stop fishing haha
  6. I had a rat problem at linear. I just left my ridge mokey on full brightness all night and they left me alone. Chase them off if they get too close which makes them wary and less likely to get too close. Ive had a feild mouse spend the night in the bivvy with me before the poor fella couldnt find a way out despite being chased with a throwing stick most the night haha
  7. Get a book. Mark out every spot and write down every bit of useful information on each swim so that you can turn up. Know what bottom youre fishing on. How many wraps to the spot. What you aimed your cast at. What rigs etc. Turn up with pva mesh bags ready tied/ solid bags already on leaders etc. Basically do as much before hand so that when you get in the peg you can choose a spot out your book. Choose a rig and bait. Mark up and cast out even if its pitch black! Fish off your barrow if its not chucking it down aswsell . Its all in the planning my friend
  8. Hi all im looking at getting a new set of rods and im torn between the ctxs. E class gold and the xs's. All will be 12ft 3.25lb tc and 50mm butt rings. Im lookinh to cast solid bags well over 100 yards but have a nice play action so i dont suffer hook pulls while using light gear under the rod tip so the best all round out of the 3?
  9. Try using a softer rod. The lunges of fish will be absorbed more along the blank. Alternativly up your test curv so you have more pull rather then clinging on for dear life. Try looking at the nash dwarf or scope rods aswell with say a medium bait runner to get the weight down
  10. After fishing this weekend i spoke to a bloke who had a TFG brolly and believe it or not the TFG brolly and one of the Trakker brollys are made side by side in the same factory. Just one comes out with Trakker on it the other TFG. I looked at it and was very impressed might consider one for myself instead of taking my 2 man Contact everywhere.
  11. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Large-NGT-2-Man-Carp-Fishing-Bivvy-Shelter-With-Groundsheet-Waterproof-/200714122256?_trkparms=aid%253D222007%2526algo%253DSIC.MBE%2526ao%253D1%2526asc%253D20150519202351%2526meid%253D42898138753e41a999a5d4daba503a05%2526pid%253D100408%2526rk%253D16%2526rkt%253D17%2526mehot%253Dag%2526sd%253D271949061991&_trksid=p2056116.c100408.m2460 Its nothing special but if youre only gonna do a few nights a year might be worth a think about for that price
  12. When it rains my local fishes its best. So im practically singing and dancing barrowing my gear to my swim
  13. Get onto facebook mate. And use the buy and sell pages or ebay. I was your age not that many years ago and like yourself i had to save pocket money or rely on birthdays and xmas to get my gear. Im hoping youre not doing nights alone so im assuming like me you need a 2 man so your dad/mom etc can come along. If youve got the money id look at the jrc contact bivvy that will cost around 130 quid but its not buit in ground sheet. The ngt bivvys are on the cheap with built in ground sheet but it wont last you very long and its money youd be throwing away in a bad wind. Save up mate and wait to christmas and get yourself something decent ready for spring next year
  14. Guy i know fished here and had 4 20s in a day so it must be fishing alright
  15. It doesnt take long to get the hang of it but the right kit makes the whole learning process much more enjoyable. Rather then watching a 10 quid spomb fly off into the middle of the lake not attached to your line and then to only taunt you more when it floats past your swim just out of reach
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