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    Thank you Gazlaaar. Can you put a link to your starting contribution please? I can't find it
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    I'd be happy to be nominated, but you'd only get noddy ramblings
  3. That is brilliant! I wish I could hear the splash as it lands [emoji39] [emoji39] [emoji39] [emoji39] Would you not end up with a chuffing great pile of bait though? Or will you be sending multiple blocks out?
  4. Sad, it is such a shame, especially if big chub get ottered as they would be proper old fish [emoji25]
  5. I wouldn't say his findings are dismissed, he is spot on in my opinion, just didn't like his writing style. Agreed it is quite funny, going through the pains of mixing rolling & cooking baits which effectively lessens the attractors and seals it so it is more difficult to get the bait to entice the prey, only to then make more efforts to undo all that work so that the bait is effective ! I can assure you the irony is not lost on me!
  6. Didn't bloomin work though!!! [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  7. Better version, the level of the bait in the water and a reflection of the stiff section can been seen.
  8. If you wanted to go super mad, this does actually cast quite well! Stiff fluro to lighter main line. I called it the reverse combi surface mirror Chod rig [emoji12] it doesn't show up well but the bait is just under the surface with the hook clear of the water and the join in the lines is where it touches the surface.
  9. If you use a stiffish hook length and tie it so it exits the eye of the hook at the front I find it naturally curls up from the bait and enters the water about an inch or two away
  10. This is kind of the idea, a crude version, I'd push the weight into the hookbait, with luncheon meat it is just a case of luncheon meat on one side with half a pop up on the other with the hook on the side of the pop up, you have to play around with the size of weight and amount of meat to make sure it floats but is pretty easy. Using mesh or tights isn't too tricky. Tights are a cheaper way to go but there is more faff though. This is what is use with arma mesh. It is a syringe from my boys calpol with the tip cut off. Makes a bait of about 15mm [emoji12]
  11. Sorry Ddgx I didn't get to go yesterday, ended up on boy duty with a list of jobs to do [emoji51] I'll try and mock up something at home tonight for you
  12. Yonny - that is brilliant!! Most check their hooks with a couple of pricks to their hands or nails... you check them in a laboratory!!! That is so cool!!
  13. That advert makes me realise we don't have it that bad with the likes of promo kings Nash and korda etc!! Watching that I feel like I could defeat the whole of ISIS with just a hook [emoji23] I'm interested that they compare it to a syringe having read a triangular point is far superior to penetrate skin, my worry would be that I'd be expecting literal syringe sharpness so would probably end up dissapointed. Yonny - knowing your background in metal work I eagerly await your review! Looks like my list of things to buy will be getting longer this month!!! As an after thought I'd be interested to see how they sharpen up after some use as well. Could be a winner
  14. Well get posting nm, I am reading with interest! (Oi check your birthday thread!!)
  15. Not watched the vid as am at work, but the guys name is Swindle! Made me chuckle
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