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  1. Not been posting much lately, basically because I haven't been able to get out what with one thing and another. But the best bit of kit I've bought is my Trakker Tempest 100T brolly. It's absolutely fantastic. I already had the standard Tempest V2, which was good, but I sometimes clouted my head getting out in a hurry. Don't get me wrong, it didn't hurt at all, it was just annoying. Before the 100T came out, I was thinking of getting a couple of vents put into the V2 to give me a little extra ventilation on hot days. I'd looked into the cost of getting these fitted by "Army Andy" who is renowned for doing this sort of mod, and it was going to cost me just over £120.00 to get done. Bearing in mind the new 100T had two vents as standard, AND gave you the extra headroom, it was a no brainer really. I sold the V2 and adding not much more than the vents were going to cost me managed to get the 100T. It's superb. Goes up in an instant, and has masses of room, not only in height, but in depth and width too. I generally fish days, with the odd overnight thrown in, and go to France every year for a week. I could seriously live in this for the week in France, plenty of room for my needs (I tend to fish fairly light unlike friends of mine who's bivvies are more akin to Cape Canaveral on launch day)... it suits me just fine. On calm days/nights I don't even have to peg it down. Steady as a rock. I'd recommend one of these to anyone looking for a decent sized alternative to a full blown bivvy.
  2. For a few years my pb stood at 37lbs. That was caught on an 11' 2.25lb Chub "Smallwater" rod. Not once did I think that the rod was going to give up the fight.
  3. Did a 24 hour on a "specimen" lake down in Hampshire one night. Never visited there before, took the missus with me as there was a small wooden lodge that she could sleep in. About 11pm we heard these noises coming from the bushes behind the lodge, and heavy breathing. Frightened the blooming life out of us. It was deathly quiet but could keep hearing these footsteps. Finally plucked up the courage to go take a looksee. It was a sheep that had got out of the field and was trying to get to the lodge for something to eat.
  4. I fish running rigs all the time. These are what I use in conjunction with tubing. They are perfect. http://www.korda.co.uk/fishingtackle/rig-bitz/run-rig-rubber/ Also remove the swivels from my leads, replace them with a small multi clip https://www.banktackle.co.uk/multi-clips-1190-p.asp Multi clip through one of these (it's a bit fiddly) and you're good to go https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Running-Rig-Ring-Easy-Run-Rings-Carp-Pike-Fishing-Terminal-Tackle-3-Colours-JG/371242369889?hash=item566fc50361:g:yx0AAOSw1ZBUw6N3
  5. Just don't expect him to get a pint in......🙄🙄😉
  6. Not my capture, but out of the lake I am visiting in France next year (for the 6th time). 37lb, hopefully hit 40 when I'm over there, but it's absolutely pristine. Look at those barbles.
  7. Never had any luck with pepperami. Luncheonmeat though. That's another story. Or Bacon Grill.
  8. Beautiful weather, beautiful surroundings. What more could a man want?????..........................
  9. Looks a lovely spot. I can see where my bait would be, but that overhanging branch might make it difficult....😉 Welcome to the site
  10. If I see any "fizzing" I'll try to anticipate the path of it. I'll then cast as quietly as I can about 10-12 feet further ahead of where I think it's heading, and fire just a few baits out between the fizz and where my bait landed. And then I'll sit on my hands for as long as it takes. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. But that's what makes it fun.
  11. Had a delivery earlier today of 20 x 2.4m sleepers to replace and extend the existing retaining wall... They were heavy!! Also had a guy around with a grinder to remove the remains of the bay tree that we've wanted to get shot of for years. While he was here he gave us a very competitive quote to get most of the large Ash tree that you can see in picture two removed. It's massive and a bit of a hazard as it's rotten around one side of the roots. If it ever came down it would hit the house. That's being done next Thursday...
  12. Problem I can see is that you then get the accusations thrown around of a "clique" appearing. I am a member of a golf forum as well, have been on there a fair number of years. Consequently you get the long standing membership, the vast majority of whom have actually met each other in "real life" being accused of being one such "clique" and alienating themselves from the rest of the forum.
  13. Loaded some pics "before" and "at the moment but still plenty to do" below. As you can see from picture one, there was plenty of work needing doing on our much neglected embarrassment of a "garden"....😨 Still lots and lots to do, we are totally replacing the sleeper retaining wall that you can just see in picture number 2 (behind the big tree) and are extending this across the whole width of the garden so that we can backfill and level out the very top tier which is on a severe slope. The fence on the left badly needs replacement, that is our neighbours and he has informed us that he is planning to sort it within the next couple of months. Should make it look a lot better. The new border on the left is in the process of being carried on right up to the house, just need to get a large tree stump out (guy coming to do that tomorrow) so that we can move the new water feature over to there. As I say, it's been a really busy couple of months and we are not half way through yet. All the big, heavy work is still to go with posts to be concreted in and a large amount of earth to be dug out to allow the laying of the new retaining wall. Also still got a lot of plants and shrubs to plant in, once the remaining soil has been prepared. Three new rose bushes and a couple of Azaleas, along with a plum and apple tree are waiting in the wings (or should I say their pots) ready for transplant lol! I haven't really given much thought to the career change if I'm honest. I've had a lot on my plate with all of this. And boy, do I ache!!
  14. Don't know what's happening for the next month geezer. I've been furloughed since March but have been told I'm returning to work next Wednesday. I'm busy next Mon and Tuesday taking delivery of a load of bits and pieces for the garden so won't be able to fit anything in. As far as I know, I've been called back in to cover holidays in July, there is a chance that I may be re-furloughed again in August. It's all a bit up in the air at the moment. What with the work I'm doing in the garden and the work situation, fishing has to take a bit of a back seat for a while. I bought a new wheel for the barrow by the way. Tenner plus postage from JRC 😉😉😉
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