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  1. It matters not one iota on the size of the fish. You put the effort in and you reaped the rewards. Congratulations.
  2. That can't work - although you possibly/probably wont agree - the string will give a totally different reading each and every time you attempt to prove your point due to fibres being stretched/amount of twists in the 'string' and the thickness of the 'string' that you are using in comparison with the elastic band. Do you believe that the readings would be the same if the elastic band was 3 inches in width and you use a string which has 3 twists? Parcel string would give a different reading/result than say 'mat' string - but hey - you and your followers would no doubt deem that as being pedantic, but I would argue that it is factual and that you didn't explain yourself in your post which is why I reply to you. What you have failed to realise is that all the 'relevance' that you are attempting to prove via your maths is irrelevant due to velocity of cast. Answer this - if you are clipped up at 60 yards and you cast at a velocity of 10 yards per second - and somebody else is clipped up at 60 yards with a cast velocity of 12 yards per second - will the lead end up at exactly the same place?
  3. R O F L M A O Funniest reply I have read for many a long time.
  4. Post# 34 within this thread has been answered eloquently. Thank you very much for that.
  5. I used to do very similar with chilli powder and a couple of other powders, buzz, but it was in a Woolworths bag and not a rucksack.
  6. Androoooo - I had no doubts whatsoever that Nige was spot on. No doubts whatsoever.
  7. Two very good outlets to purchase spices and herbs, should you wish to experiment and not very expensive for trial and error. If you are thinking of going the spice route - strongly recommend trying Szechuan Pepper. It has a profile that is extremely appealing to Mr/Mrs carp. In fact - it has been reported by experts far more knowledgeable than many/most bait makers (both manufacturers and home enthusiasts) that part of its profile is 'possibly' the most potent attractor known to man/woman. http://www.thespiceshop.co.uk/ http://www.thespiceshop.co.uk/
  8. This 'rule of thumb' you mention, Androoooo - how long is it? - does it have a knuckle? Is there a black nail on the end? Is the nail clipped? More importantly - is it your thumb or that belonging to somebody else. I ask the latter question due to it possibly changing to an index finger by the end of the thread if it doesn't belong to you.
  9. Dependant on which method you use, but at a shout - I'd say a container of Vim with a dash of Oxo and a topping of 100 'n' 1000's.
  10. Be off with you for posting a donkey choker pineapple boilie on the line. http://imgur.com/XIwQyEb
  11. Yes!!! You worked your maffs out using Piefagorrus theorum. 2 portions of kidney to 1 portion of steak.
  12. Education? Coming from a doughnut that hasn't the inclination to follow a red squiggly line under a word to alert you that the word is spelt incorrectly, and now you want to give a lecture on quantum physics? ROFLMMFAO...I bet you think Pythagoras even used peanuts, huh. It's not an issue, though - I've found the button again, mods.
  13. No, as you say- can't argue with Pythagoras's theorem as he isn't around to defend himself, but the genius that he was - well, I'd edge bets that he would see the futile sense, and it certainly is futile, of using his theorem to score brownie points (and being so wrong I still haven't stopped laughing), and then to cap it all - as is your usual trait of being an obnoxious, arrogant fool, not to mention pig ignorant in ridiculing somebody, quote ' you are out of your depth mate, forget it,...' unquote. Do you crack the fat when you mock others? Should I grab my coat again?
  14. Where has the post vanished too that was posted at 3.46pm today? ,... and then you have to take into account wind direction and force of wind (if any), diameter and type of line being used, under-current of water (if any), power of cast(er), arc of casting line, weight (lead) being used,.... So many variables to be taken into account that maths will fall short - unless of course we are talking straight lines on paper and no opportunity for human error Much better to allow experience to take the upper hand and go with the eye,...oh, hang on - re-wind,... how much 'give' would the line take if casting the 'bait boat'.
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