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  1. Nicked this from a Fishing Facebook page and thought it was rather good, Some of you would of seen it there
  2. Looking at the new Delks features and I get the impression some are dressed up Txi features and nothing new although I am a Delkim Fan Gezzer I see nothing there to warrant trading up, They do look a tad more asthetically pleasing but will they catch me more pasties ?
  3. Delkim Txi's you either love em or love em more There is a reason most have em !
  4. Don't get the time so I keep adding kit cause you never got enough Kit Ready for when I get motivated again...
  5. Is this an Ethnic thing ? Or am I missing a trick ?
  6. I've tried Sprays and the only thing i caught was a Tenner on the corner of my wallet as i payed for em
  7. I have to confess i don't own anything other than a Fox Royal XXL Bivvy and wrap, I forego weight for shear size and height
  8. The Carpcatcher. Screeming Delkims Carpheadbangers. I can't stress enough how much i wish Mark Pritchers would remove himself from anything fishing related, I think the blokes a complete and utter ######################## !
  9. Well after giving all the Locals a chance i popped into Total Fishing Tackle and purchased some new Goodies
  10. Looking to purchase a shiny new Solar P1 Worldwide pod and extra's and would prefer to give a local trader the dosh instead of some armchair TFT shopping and apparently my local Solar stockist is Carping Capers Northampton. Q. Has anyone had any dealings with them as i don't wanna rock up Sunday to the reception you now tend to get in Rushden Angling from the kids running the show ! (Not on my Tackle Shop list anymore).
  11. I do like Jag products meself lol Korda lost it there with the price.....Ouch
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