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  1. Went the river severn the weekend in search of carp and barbel landed 4 carp to 18lb and a 4lb barbel happy to have started the river season
  2. No its right mate £350 i paid for week that was food transfers tackle hire!! Bang on
  3. Thanks lads they went like torpedos really did scrap in the deep margins, i hired everything apart from terminal tackle from carpgrandcanaria i cant wait to return its a mad island!!
  4. Fished lake chira last week grand canaria, the whole lake didnt fish the best but i managed 6 fish to 20lb on the nose not the biggest but very pretty and had an amazing time.
  5. Few hours after work last night couple of mint teen commons and a 23.5 mirror
  6. freeman0121


    went to a local runs water after work last week to test my new camera had 4 fish and im happy with the camera!
  7. I havnt made somethink of my life so cant go lol....
  8. Holt fleet? Had a few barbel off the river where the pools are
  9. Might order 10kg of the krill as im on a krill based bait see what its like works out 3.80 a kilo
  10. Brought the nash double top mk3 1 man as it was on offer at erics
  11. Ive took the gamble and orderd the nash double top mk3 cheers anyway lads
  12. basically i want a new bivvy with a sewn in groundsheet, ive been looking at the nash double top mk3 with winter wrap for £360 or the jrc cocoon dome with winterwrap for 230, the nash does look the part but looks heavy? obviously if the nash is alot better ill pay the extra money but is it worth it haha?
  13. Cc moores new bait looks the dogs nuts!! Will be ordering 10kg along with pop ups/liquid any thoughts guys?
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