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  1. I know a chap in Bedfordshire who is a member ! Quite a lot of game only waters and I seem to think he had to wait a while for full membership. Some stunning places and well worth a look. Cheers Ian
  2. Commonly as the year draws to a close I would love to hear how things are going down there, in particular that valley? Cheers Ian
  3. I am surprised the reply was so polite lol. A Hardly F**kin Movinson as If ! More like a motorcycle. Cheers Ian
  4. Funny as my Aqua bivvy broke an elastic soon after I bought it ! When I phoned them they said they would keep my details and get in touch when the relevant person got back from holiday! Well 2 years on and I have given up on that one and the bivvy still works fine. Elastic would have been nice but customer service on something so expensive would have been ideal! Cheers Ian
  5. Very sad news a cracking writer and had genuine insight ! Cheers Ian
  6. Waits patiently on the sidelines not expecting much from a company that has grown large ! Please forgive the cynicism but if they are aware of it they should have been all over it before we the great unwashed had even noticed, its their logo after all. Cheers Ian
  7. My initial thought is cock up but if they aren't that bothered then I will boycott till I see them jumping up and down and demanding the heads of the people who doctored the picture. Till then I aint buying there stuff and I hope others feel the same way? Is there any momentum for a boycott campaign from those that use facefarce? Cheers Ian
  8. To return to Cloud9`s question about shelfies and instant attraction I was once in the factory of a well known bait maker and his shelf life baits were being dried off prior to bagging and the last operation was to over spray with a dilute solution of the flavour with glycol. When I asked about this he said the extra smell hooked anglers n the tackle shop lol and didn't do any harm as a bit of an attractor boost. The same company did supply freezer baits and from what I saw and was told this last overspraying didn't take place. Not conclusive but I tend to think there could have been something in it. Cheers Ian
  9. Cyborx if you get a reply would you post it here please. I am fascinated to see what they say and if it`s not a fake I too will be boycotting their products. Cheers Ian
  10. Sorry been a bit slow answering this thread. Been on 2 wheels since the 70's current ride ZRX1200 also have a supercharged Hayabusa which I run in top speed events. Wouldn't be without a bike. Cheers Ian
  11. I do agree with you Vik but the membership was also to blame with terrible lack of knowledge or sensitivity to welfare of the fish. Cheers Ian
  12. Vik is as usual spot on with his comments and this was one of the major reasons I turned my back on this water. I found the management to be amongst the worst I have ever seen in over 40 years of fishing and apart from one or two exceptions the standard of angling in general was also shocking. Cheers Ian
  13. Hi Commonly I am glad you appear to have fallen in love with the place as much as I did all those years ago. Whilst I was down visiting an old friend now retired (strewth we used to go drinking and womanising together ) I was wondering if anyone fishes the Bay Pond in godstone or the chain of lakes behind the church that run down to a mill house near Fairalls yard ? Waters were part of Godstone angling club back in the 70`s but the club seems defunct now (Shame !) Happy days lol
  14. Really sad news to hear. Remember meeting him when he first took over Orchid smashing fella and not afraid of hard work. Cheers Ian
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