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  1. Did you read the report, 95 out of a hundred, that was just on the test,, it is a little known fact and speculation is all we can do.
  2. So, anybody know when these things first started appearing for sale and take a guess how many fish deaths they were responsible for and why this problem is a little known fact.
  3. There is an amusing ad on the telly at the moment for Heinz baked beans, the ultra fit runner type is eating all his chemical protein rubbish super food, and his wife serves baked beans to the kids that surpass it, food for thought, carp tax and all that.
  4. I might add, i was pleased to see the peanuts given a clean bill of health.
  5. I hope you are right, cos as you know, i use these ruddy things.
  6. Read it Hutch, it is basically the same German tests quoted in the A.T. investigation. Its not broke, just takes a while.
  7. I think if you read the whole article it was backed up by eminently qualified German experts on the toxicity of the ingredients.
  8. Are you sure anything has changed, these people dont advertise their ingredients nor are required to do so, not taking a leap of faith, proof is easy, publish the ingredients and let the scientists decide.
  9. Have a look on the St Ives website, and all will be revealed, its quoting an angling times investigation
  10. Some bad stuff about shelfies was published in the A.T. this week, someone repeated the tank experiment over 12 weeks with shocking results.
  11. I usually use only one set of trebles, pushing the trace through the deadbait with the hooks in the head area and strike early, you lose some but rarely get them gorged, with a livebait, i just liphook with the one barbed hook on the trebles, not perfect but works for me, cats, one big hook through the root of the tail.
  12. I would go with Nicks approach, go carp or pike, you risk gorging a pike if you leave it too long before striking, split attention is never good, different approach though, most of my pike angling has been done on the river, sink and draw deadbaits scored highly, on the reservoirs, drift floats with a bait suspended below at 4-6 feet, if you have ever seen a thousand roach exit the water with a noise like an express train you would understand why, the pike attack from below, and sometimes a porpoirsing crocodile will explode through the surface, the drifter covers a lot of water and is very visible, if cats are present the dead bait approach balanced with balsa spears, running rigs in an elastic band at the rod butt, a cat will drop if it feels resistence.
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