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  1. Hi Everyone, I have just been down my local tackle shop and had a look at the mainline link. Whats everyone's thoughts on the flavour profile? I cant put my finger on the smell just wondered what you guys think! Cheers Todd
  2. Hi everyone hope your all well, I am looking for a general purpose braid recommendation to cover my spodding and marker work. I use a hybrid rod so need one braid to do two things. Recommendations would be appreciated. Cheers Todd
  3. Mainly Korda in my box but im not fussy if i see something and like the look of it il buy it. Don't understand the people who only use things from one brand you could short side yourself and be missing a trick.
  4. Plenty of mainline lovers on here lol, joking aside is anyone using their fishmeal on here?
  5. Cheers lads, the thing is now there are 500 different companies with 20 different glugs etc and i just wondered how people cut through the marketing etc. to make a decision.
  6. Hi Everyone, Just wondered how you all got on your chosen bait, i.e. Price Smell and Flavor Reputation Catch Reports Company Name Cheers, Todd
  7. Yes really like the look of the P1 the Carbon is a nice touch.
  8. The boilies dont work in the same method as the cultured, the living skin as they call it on the cultured dissipated in the water supposedly bringing the carp down. Like David said £9.99 for 25 hook baits is a bit steep.
  9. Hi Everyone, Im looking for a stainless setup and have 3 in mind, just wondered if anyone has any thoughts or is using any at the moment - Korda Singlez - Jag 316 - Solar P1 I liked the look of the starflite gear but its vanished. Cheers, Todd
  10. Just to let you all know i ended up with a set of Century ADV-1. Cheaper rod but felt great
  11. I will try ringing them again but had no luck so far mate.
  12. Hi Everyone, Is anyone using the new Ridge Monkey fluro? If so whats your thoughts sounds good. Cheers Todd
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