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  1. Never had any luck with Zigs although I haven't beaten them to death in an attempt, I have no confidance when there on so I stopped using em...
  2. Nicked this from a Fishing Facebook page and thought it was rather good, Some of you would of seen it there
  3. See them for sale of Chasing Chunks FB
  4. Looking at the new Delks features and I get the impression some are dressed up Txi features and nothing new although I am a Delkim Fan Gezzer I see nothing there to warrant trading up, They do look a tad more asthetically pleasing but will they catch me more pasties ?
  5. Delkim Txi's you either love em or love em more There is a reason most have em !
  6. Yer looks propa old school now Insert other media
  7. That's just soooo wrong, Not an Optonic in sight
  8. Don't get the time so I keep adding kit cause you never got enough Kit Ready for when I get motivated again...
  9. Is this an Ethnic thing ? Or am I missing a trick ?
  10. Ah that brings back memories night Fishing Emberton Park years ago, Got a run early hours shot up outa my slumber to smack my noggin on the roof of my Sierra Estate. Didn't hamper the dash for my rods thou 🤩
  11. I've tried Sprays and the only thing i caught was a Tenner on the corner of my wallet as i payed for em
  12. I have to confess i don't own anything other than a Fox Royal XXL Bivvy and wrap, I forego weight for shear size and height
  13. The Carpcatcher. Screeming Delkims Carpheadbangers. I can't stress enough how much i wish Mark Pritchers would remove himself from anything fishing related, I think the blokes a complete and utter ######################## !
  14. Might, I say might be worth trying your hand at some Angling, You can never get enough Angling in
  15. If i was really intent i would do 7pm till 7am if the water allowed night Dangling.
  16. Have a look at E-Bay item number 292072286963 Platform pegs
  17. Well after giving all the Locals a chance i popped into Total Fishing Tackle and purchased some new Goodies
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