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  1. Hi Guys Looking to head over to Catch 22 in Lyng (Norfolk) next week for three nights. I have done some research but most of the stuff I've found is pre 2010. I wondered if anybody had any recent information about the place? Anything would be appreciated! Cheers.
  2. Been a bit MIA lately lads been a busy few month. Absolutely buzzing for this trip going to be a nice break!
  3. Chill, you fish there regularly I assume, you are going to have to leave some nice pointers on here!
  4. Ive got the 8000 aerlex's and the 7000 spod rod, fantastic reels, I highly recommend them!
  5. CM, a bait boat is slightly more expensive
  6. Personally never used one - so far a spomb has worked perfectly for me - but I always see people raving on about how these are the monkeys nuts. If I was going to buy again id be tempted to go for one. However... A spomb is a pretty safe bet!
  7. Nick, any chance you can link me to those photos? I can't seem to find them and I'm in the market for a brolly!!!
  8. Cheers for the advice gents. The lake I'm joining next year does see a lot of bait - I'm going to take a few trips down there and get to grips with the fish, what works what doesn't, will they eat anything or are they fussy.. and make my decision from there I'm thinking! Cheers for the replies though, and I didn't enjoy the short lived sparring match To be fair i'm guilty of asking hundreds of questions about bait because i'm always scared to back myself, I think I've just gotta go with trial and error. Jem hit the nail on the head though, its what the fish want that counts!
  9. Just wondered what you guys thought of the insanely cheap Baitology Essential boilies? If you buy 10kg it works out about £3.80 a kilo, if you buy 30kg it turns out at about £2.80 a kilo!!! I have heard these guys are well established and have been around for quite some time (I also see them advertised in Carp World a lot)! They are shelf life only, but I was thinking of buying 10kg to pad out my other boilies which are a tenner a kilo (frozen CCmoore live system). I was thinking of using half live system half coconut baitology boilies and only using live system hook baits? What do you guys think? Would I be running my chances just to save a few pennies?
  10. You too Chill mate - if your bringing that much beer I might not bother with my rods! Thanks for the nods in the right directions gents. Gonna check out a few of the vids tonight!
  11. Andy, I'm definitely in. Will get the money over to you soon (you'll have to let me know your details)
  12. Im 75% in, won't be able to tell for sure until closer to the time... Can put me down with a maybe
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