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  1. Another good tip. The fold up camping chairs, they slide into a quiver holdal no problem. I Got a military surplus one off eBay for 12.99. It's actually more comfy than any other fishing chair I've had. You just need a very even surface. On slopes they are no good. Frees up a hand to carry something else if needed.
  2. I need to get some of these rear indicators. Good work, cheers nick
  3. On the hunt for the mighty esox, still water fishing. Running or fixed ledger rig? Thoughts please, cheers
  4. More knot learning 😓. Haha. Currently fishing as we speak. Not on ardleigh though. Cheers salok, going to have a go at setting up my rods tonight ready for some heavy duty casting
  5. I'm over there Friday so I think I'll drop the lead size as you say and give it some welly. But I'm going to start learning about shock leaders regardless, to add to my artillery. I only started fishing properly this summer and have been doing it on my own. Aided by YouTube and google. All advice greatly appreciated 👍🏻
  6. Haha now you've got me worried again mate, think I'll need to learn how to tie a shock leader. Fishing was all so simple as a kid 😂. But yeah in all seriousness, taking out someone with a stray lead isn't my aim. I've been fishing a swim near lodge lane salok. Only a few days. No luck but I'm not expecting anything to be honest. I found a nice drop of ledge not too far out. Pre baited it and fished it to no prevail. Anyhow I saw a few shows the last day at about 120 yards. Maybe a bit more. That's why I've been pondering my casting
  7. Yeah I'm actually pretty safe on the water I'm on to be honest. I'm going to give it some welly and see how i get on
  8. Thanks fellas. I have 15lb Diawa line on a fox warrior z 3lb tc rod , So I think I'll give it a go without a shock leader for now. The water I'm fishing is vast and I'm pretty sure even if I did get a snap off it wouldn't hit the other side, I hope. Lol. I'm going to look online at casting videos before I go too. Advice much appreciated , cheers 👍🏻
  9. I think I'm hitting 90 yards/ish anyways, without giving it too much force. I read an old post in here during the summer about snap offs and it made me proper wary. Last thing I wanna do is take a dog walkers head off with a stray lead lol.90 yards not much I know but that really is due to me not forcing it out of fear. I've seen fish crashing at around 120 yards a few times now and it's frustrating me
  10. That method of what weight to use will now stick in my mind so cheers for that. Are shock leaders a absolulute necessity? I'm pretty new to carping and heard talk of shock leaders but have yet tried to tie one. I definitely go gentle in my cast so as not to get a snap off. I havnt had one yet thankfully. But it is on my mind always. Think i need to watch some YouTube videos on how to tie these 😓. Also off to google tournament leads . Thanks mate 👍🏻
  11. Just looking for tips on how to improve my casting. My technique I don't think is too bad. I'm just wondering what leads achieve the most distance, and how to avoid snap offs( havnt had this happen, though it worries me). I use fox 12000 reels, and 3lb tc rods. 3oz leads generally but I'm unsure what shape lead gets the best distance, Thanks
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