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  1. 2*1pt guru bait tubs. I need a spefic size for my perch bucket. 5*0.5oz bombs 5*1oz bombs 2 quiver rod rests Thats it so far. debating getting getting some 1.5oz and 2 oz bombs too. But not sure if i need 4 differnt sizes...
  2. Been a while since ive been on here. 2 3oz leads for the minnow trap Anti tangle sleeves bank tackle ofc 18lb line to attach to the minnow trap
  3. Well i was hoping to get one of the all ome unit that i can just put in the pond. To save space
  4. Redoing the garden. Mrs said Not allowed a massive pond as were meant to be moving in few years. But im allowed a barrel pond. Will only be small maybe 90l. For anyone that made ome what did you do for filter and uv? Smallest all in one i can find is 1000l an hour. Just worried that will be way to power for the size of the pond?
  5. I doubt it. Id maybe hm get one 9f the transition roll a mat. But right know i think my snapper one will be fine
  6. 30l plasterer bucket from wickes. Its huge ive thrown all the bits and peices i need in it and it rigid enough to sit on the rim. Not bad for £6. I will probably get the korum daysack and proper bucket seat for my birthday but thats a coupoe of months away. Ngt meduim size tackle box. As nothing else inown is big enough enough and having 100 pots of tupperwear is a pain
  7. Brought myself a bait caddy for trotting maggot. I was gonna hurt for massive perch after june 16th but im just enjoying keeping it simple and enjoying what ever comes along and just enjoy being back out there. With the limited time i have Motto for tge season keep it simple and enjoyable and take the pressure off
  8. I dont thinkn my dad has used his more the 10 times and i doubt i will use it when the time comes but will be nice to sit on the shelf
  9. Erm not sure macro cosrti or something. Like that seems to spin fine Ive been promised a jw young pursit when dies as he told today. Not that im expected to get my hands on that any time soon
  10. Not so much a purchase but dad got rid of couple of bits so got his unused 15-18ft float and centee pin reel. Just the job for roach and rudd goals.
  11. I used bag them up in to 100g or 200g bags and then id still bring 90% of them home as you need very few tigers as we all know
  12. That what used to do with tigers. 10kg of cooked tiger should last you a very very long time. I used to soak mine in betalin.
  13. Trying to avoid adding any binders or anything like that as want to keep it simple. Will be fishing bread on the hook anyway so crumb and vitalin will work and cheap too
  14. Weird question What is the heaviest groundbait you can get? As want to start baiting up the river. But its quite deep and balls to break up slowly. Was thinking vitalin or maybe a method mix. I dont really want to be messing round with soils and leams as it all gets a bit complicated
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