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  1. So, you're not really paying ¥4.50 for a kilo, it's more like £45.00 for 10 kilos
  2. The new Korda distance sticks (Made in association with JAG) are a little pricey at £59.99, but I like the look of them. They've got a few features that definitely appeal to the tackle tart in me
  3. I tend to find that the cork balls clog up the gun
  4. I went to my local Right Move to get a copy today and they threw me out
  5. Ryobi One electric mastic gun with a cleaned out decorators caulk tube. Works perfectly
  6. I sharpen. Not normally out of the packet, but a little honing before a recast rather than replace the rig.
  7. I've got one. Don't use it very often, but I love it when I do. I make sure that I turn it off when I'm sleeping, but during the day it's fantastic for keeping the chill off of the air. No idea of it will work with propane, as I've never tried. It's great for warming the bivvy up a bit during the day though.
  8. Korum day shelter, for me (With regards to the OP, not the pop up bivvy debate )
  9. Ask Tim. He's always raving about an eBay supplier (Can't remember who and am to lazy too look; hence the ask Tim )
  10. I've got a Trakker suit; the equivalent these days is the F-32 . Great but of kit for the money, in my opinion.
  11. I've got the Korda and the ESP. The ESP is much better, in my opinion.
  12. I have both and use both. Both are used exactly the same way with one being a switch on the back and the other a kno.b on the front. No difference between the two. Incidentally, the person / persons that are walking around the lake leaving theirs on 'free spool' could do so with or without baitrunners
  13. I used subline and hated it. It was OK at first but soon became twisted to he'll and acted like a coiled spring. It didn't last a full season on my reels.
  14. It's embarrassing for European football that the Euro 2016 champions have only won two games in the last month. Totally undeserving champions, in my opinion.
  15. To consider the Shilham roller, you'd need to be rolling 40-50kg of bait a day, not 4-5kg
  16. Baaaaahahahahahahahaha Ronaldo looks to be injured. What a shame... NOT
  17. Why do you use them then? #confused #practicewhatyoupreach
  18. Short rig with a nice big hook, no hair, the worm threaded onto the hook a few times and up the hooklink slightly.
  19. 30lb braid with a 50lb shock leader for me. The reason is because that's what I wanted to use
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