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  1. So, you're not really paying ¥4.50 for a kilo, it's more like £45.00 for 10 kilos
  2. That's a steal. Great price for a quality bit of kit
  3. Keep an eye on how hot it gets. When grinding large amounts it is easy for the motor to overheat, and on a £12 grinder it might not have a thermal cut out to stop it going pop
  4. The new Korda distance sticks (Made in association with JAG) are a little pricey at £59.99, but I like the look of them. They've got a few features that definitely appeal to the tackle tart in me
  5. I tend to find that the cork balls clog up the gun
  6. Whatever you do, do not buy these reels. There's not a drop of camo paint on them. The fish will run a mile
  7. I went to my local Right Move to get a copy today and they threw me out
  8. Ryobi One electric mastic gun with a cleaned out decorators caulk tube. Works perfectly
  9. I sharpen. Not normally out of the packet, but a little honing before a recast rather than replace the rig.
  10. I'm good mate, thanks xx Seriously busy at the minute with big DIY projects as well as work etc. Had nowhere near enough time for fishing this year
  11. Enjoy, not enjoyou, poxy limited time for editing posts
  12. Nope. But I enjoyou going camping as well. The vast majority of holidays that the wife and I go on are camping (With a lake on the campsites ). I love the great outdoors and fishing adds to the experience rather than makes it, if that makes sense.
  13. I never get bored. I love it. Living in the great outdoors, away from the stresses of working life. It's fantastic
  14. This is also water dependant. I was walking round a water the other week and there were fish surfacing and rolling in the middle of the ducks. There are no hard amd fast rules for any water and, in my opinion, your limiting yourself if you turn up with preconceived ideas to a new water. Look, listen and learn, it's the only way
  15. Copied and pasted from Korda: Angling groups and the UK Wild Otters Trust have secured the first licence in England for the humane removal of otters which become trapped inside fenced fisheries. Currently without such a licence it is illegal to interfere with them, but now it will be possible to relocate them, with Embryo Angling helping towards the cost of doing so in some cases where the club or fishery has no funds. Full details here: Clicky
  16. I've got one. Don't use it very often, but I love it when I do. I make sure that I turn it off when I'm sleeping, but during the day it's fantastic for keeping the chill off of the air. No idea of it will work with propane, as I've never tried. It's great for warming the bivvy up a bit during the day though.
  17. Korum day shelter, for me (With regards to the OP, not the pop up bivvy debate )
  18. Ask Tim. He's always raving about an eBay supplier (Can't remember who and am to lazy too look; hence the ask Tim )
  19. I've got a Trakker suit; the equivalent these days is the F-32 . Great but of kit for the money, in my opinion.
  20. I've gone years before without catching, but it never dampens my enthusiasm or confidence. As Yonny says, it just makes it sweeter when you land one Chin up, Smuft. It will all come good if you keep persevering and learning
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