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  1. Were On Earth Do You Live, had frost frost this morning, nearly court me out and made me late for work, good old heated windows lol
  2. ya £30 for the year isn't to bad, i prob go 7-8 times a year plus 2-3 night so about £3 a go lol better then £2500 fine. wish i had more time to go maybe when kids get older
  3. guessing you will be going for the 3 rods then lol I have to pay an extra £3 lol
  4. yep have mine for this year and will be getting one next year
  5. Good luck mate, hope it works for ya i a,m going on the 19th nov just hoping not to cold
  6. kk, how long a go was this i have booked for 6 off us, will let you know how it goes
  7. http://www.mouseholelakes.co.uk/index.htm Hi Guys, Has any one been here before i am going here on the 19th with a few work mates just after any tips really. Thanks
  8. Welcome mate, Hope you enjoy the site i haven't been a member long but i have had loads on good comments and lot of nice people on here. I wouldn't worry about your PB mine was 9lb for 15 Years until i had my 23 as long as your enjoying it. Plus at the end of the day its your PB so its your personal best not any one elses.
  9. Well keep us up-to date mate looks good just hopping not to cold for Ya Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  10. I don't know but that is only 30 mins from me so might have to check it out lol
  11. Lol I get the same mate but that might be because I earn all the money lol Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  12. I think I might have to just practice in the garden or something. Side flicks or normal casting not a problem just couldn't get underarm cast to work at all Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  13. Hi guys, from my recant night fishing adventure i noticed that my underarm casting is shocking, just wondered if you guys had any tips for me?
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