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  1. Top angling my friend, well done! Lets hope 2013 brings even more crackers onto the bank for you!
  2. Done my first 24hr session of the year the weekend and ended up with this commom at 21lb 12oz. Lets hope they get bigger as the year goes on! Apolgies for the poor picture, was taken on my phone in darkness
  3. eadesyc

    My year so far..

    Some lovely looking fish there, especially the little scalely mirrors. Would love to see them when they are at a bigger weight. Top Angling!
  4. Yeah the first was a mid double, otherwise I'm sure I would of weighed it!
  5. Had this one earlier in the year from the same water, must be its big brother!
  6. well at the time i thought around 16-17lb mark, but the more i look at the picture it looks bigger
  7. cheers guys, wish i weighed it now!
  8. Well after a biteless saturday night i was awoken at sun rise with this stunning little commom. Made the long cold night worth it as it was the only fish out all weekend on my syndicate
  9. Has anyone been to Crete lakes? Only asking as they do a pick up service from Dover, just thinking that option may be easier rather than driving on my first trip
  10. Good start then! Will prob see you up there as I've got a ticket on there
  11. How big is it? And what peg mate?
  12. another thumbs up then for moorlands. Will have to get on the net later with my mate to see what he thinks. Just out of interest what was you putting in bait wise on your last two trips?
  13. thanks for that, thats a great starting point and the place looks as though it could be a contender! Anyone else with any recommendations?
  14. Hi Guys, Im looking for your help in recommending a venue for a first time visit to France for next year. We are hoping to find a venue with the possibility of a big one, but majority of fish mid to high 30's, not really fussed about catching 60's or 70's as this will be our first trip and i we would rather have a few runs instead of waiting for a big one to come along. Ideally we would like a venue with a food package and a supply of high quality bait that can be purchased on site. We would be looking at driving ourselves but would not rule out any other options. I have looked at so many on the net but you cant beat advice and recommendations from people that have been there and done it. Any advice would be more than welcome. Thanks Chris
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