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  1. Almost 3 years on I still stand by this review. Great bit of kit. Holds the 4 rods I take regularly, and the 5 I take occasionally. Offers great protection. I don't use it for the brolly, that travels by itself, but the hold-all takes my rods, landing net pole, weigh crook, storm poles, bank sticks, camera tripod, distance sticks and throwing stick. It's so easy loading into the car, travels well on the barrow and the materials and zips are still in perfect condition after 40 ish nights/year and 2 France trips. Can't see me changing to anything else. It's a quality item that stands the test of time. Well done Fox.
  2. Might see you there in the next couple of months, I'll be doing a few nights there while the close season is in effect on my main water...
  3. I know what you mean about a firmer bed!! If you get some additional bungee cord and "reinforce" the bed it should firm it a bit - wrap it between the metal sides then under the bit your rear-end goes on, did my Nash wide-boy with 10m of 5mm bungee and it's better now. Next step for me will be a sofa support under the mattress (like the one in this ebay listing: 300890906291)
  4. We're comparing ferry vs tunnel, and one of the restrictions on the tunnel option is that we are limited to 3 cubic metres in the van. Makes little sense. The van is the same size regardless of what we put in the back, weight makes a difference, but its's quoted as a volumetric limit not weight. Has anyone ever fallen foul of this this and been shunted on to the freight service? How are they going the measure the volume of 3 people's tackle anyway??
  5. if it's the leader that's snapping than the line isn't flowing, either not coming off the reel or (more likely) wrapping on a ring, my suspicion would be the tip ring.
  6. This any use? http://www.theanglersforum.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?107133-Classic-Diawa-Rod-help
  7. Married on the Saturday PM? You still have Friday night to fill.............
  8. Came away with a few things, inc a new barrow, just small stuff and bits really... Father in law and mark (Brits) filled their boots when we found someone selling Armapoint hooks at £2/pack (but only in size 4,5 and 6 - i.e. just right for France in April). All in all I thought it was a good show again, shame I couldn't actually smell any bait due to being full of cold....
  9. Mark and I left around 5pm leaving Matt859 and David as last men standing. Mark had 5 carp in the end, biggest around 11lb, and even I managed to nick one.. Mark's first one, a bit on the small side... Mark's best, around 10 or 11lb (we were packing up and both of us had packed scales back in the cars). My best one (OK, OK, my only one): I'd guess it was 12 or 13lb. I'd also like to extend thanks to Neil for organising it, it was my first Carp.com social and I really enjoyed it, shame about the weather.... I've added some other photos here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151741579928438.615750.705088437&type=1&l=9db2192f40
  10. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2272738/Distraught-couple-forced-remove-6-000-gallon-pond-garden-otter-ate-200-prized-fish.html#axzz2KENR4ZyA This impacts a family. A totally different spin than impacting anglers/fishery owners, maybe this is what's needed for the public to take notice?
  11. I've being one the bank when 1 20 came out, he shown me the picture and looked a definite 20, he told me 24lb and looked every ounce 24lb... I've spoke to the bailiff who goes round and I asked him about a 30 and he said he's being doing the job a long time and biggest he seen on the bank was 27lb. I don't believe there are any 30's in there. I concur. While I've not had a 20 from Barston myself I have had a few 19's that will be 20+ by now, and I've seen a couple of low 20's on the bank (and witnessed the weighing). I'd bet heavily against there being 30's. Most of the fish caught this weekend will be high singles to mid-doubles - that's the way it normally goes, unless you're using small baits......
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