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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LXK1mwGtss
  2. When I was out on the river the other day I noticed small shoals of tiny fry in the margins and this question popped into my head although it could be rather stupid "Do fry follow the larger fish around?"
  3. I'm too tight to buy a new chair and my elastic has started to go brittle and thing especially where it goes through the eyelets so I just going to replace it Is there a specific grade/strand/thickness of elastic to get, not sure how its measured? Thanks
  4. Got down here myself a little later than I had planned only to find the main swim I'd been baiting and prepping had already been taken
  5. So my season is gonna kick off with a massive thunder storm and torrential rain. Brilliant
  6. Thanks, I was aware they moved up and down in the water column as do most groundbaits that contain particles, small pellets and various base powders as it breakdown but thought there was more to it than it just literally meaning active as in movement Was thinking it wold have the same effect as an alka-seltzer or similar to mixing powdered citric acid mixed and baking soda as never used it myself always knock my own up Guess just another word to lure you in
  7. What is in a so called 'activated groundbait' that makes it different to a standard groundbait?
  8. There is only 1 wooden platform right near the bottom weir and that is there for the canoeists which luckily are very few and far between as they all use the canal. The rest of the swims are what you make them without giving too much away. The opposite bank is private fishing from the houses who's gardens back onto it of which I've never seen anybody fishing from
  9. Gonna be doing all my reels at the weeks as not been respooled in a while and am unsure as to go with flurocarbon or not Are there any pros/cons to this on a flowing water?
  10. They look ideal, but had to buy a proper one as Gardner weren't interested in sending a free one. When it comes through I'll measure it all up and try one of those cheaper ones Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  11. £9.50 ouch!! Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  12. I bought a set of the Gardner pre cut nozzles but the attachment on my gun is designed for either the yellow witches hats or the white screw in ones with the reducer but this is still too large. Is there another reducer/attachment I can get for these green ones to fit?
  13. So with 2 weeks to go I made my first trip of over 18 months to my local river to have a look around and see if there were any fish moving about. Upon entering the first swim which had an abundance of nettle overgrowth I was greeted with plenty of rubbish and obvious signs of recent angling activity, so I picked up all I could in the swim but will need to return will a black bag as the other swims along the same stretch were equally as bad. I also stumbled across what appeared to be a makeshift fry net which I destroyed. I had a good look for any long lines that had been left out but could see any Once I'd had a tidy I fired out a few mixers just to see if anything was coming up and ironically a few were taken which never happened what I used to fish this method so that was a promising sign and there was some activity between these two dead looking trees but can't bee 100% it was carp I did cycle the long route home so I could to try and get a closer look from that side but couldn't gain access From the bridge I could definitely see carp of which some looked decent sized but sadly this stretch is private all the way along and round the bend past those sheds, so there are fish about just hope they move down river Down towards the weir there was zero activity but this has always been a poor area for the carp but ideal for double figure bream Unless fishing somewhere the weekend I'll be back down there with some shears to cut back some of the overgrowth to make it more accessible but not too obvious that it'll be too welcoming for everyone
  14. mrdevon


  15. You'll never catch with reel handles like that
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