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  1. Yeah like I said I've fought in a cage for 6 years so I don't take any crap you tit
  2. He's throwing comments at me and they're being thrown back. I'm a very humble person and genuinely don't brag about money but if he wants to argue, I'll say something I know which will wind him up. Maybe you should read the posts I made apologising to EVERYONE, actually in two posts I apologised to everyone. But he carried on. Have a go at the instigator, not the one being on the foul end of it. And it's true. If he has had a bad day, don't come on a forum and rant, take it out on the wife instead, not people who have already apologised and then still getting rounds fired at them. This is my last post and I'm deleting my account anyway because there's too many bell ends on here who slate people and don't even have where they come from on their profile because they know they're prick themselves and would probly have had a beating by now
  3. You've really made my day with that post I must say
  4. Dalthegooner. It was one hour 45 minutes and I'm not lowering myself to your level, just because you can't afford a sling yourself hahaha
  5. Thanks Phil, I know I know and appreciate that dude. Again apologies if any mother was caused!
  6. phil, I hold my hands up. I did take it personally ONLY because I know how much care I took with that fish. But I appreciate all comments as I'm aware some people may have either had/heard of bad experiences using a sling. I'll apologise to everyone I may have upset but just think, I only got so up tight because I care about Carp, a lot!
  7. Nothing wrong with a picture, why not show people what you've got?! From what I can see, on the bank you make friends by showing each other your photo albums and talking about the events in each photo. Don't know why people are so negative here, it's a picture for god sake. Sensible 3 Necessary 1?
  8. Keeno, thanks for that mate really appreciated. I've been into the species for years just never fished for them. I've listened to people like you for years and they've moulded me into what I think is someone who has the kinda right idea! Always take fish aid or bonjela with me as our pool does have a lot of care-less car boot carpers. And always IF slinging I put her out as far as the cable goes so she's away from any noise on the bank and check her with the camera if go with someone who has one! Guess either that guy who slated me for it has been put back in his place after seeing the facts or he hasn't looked at the post because he's arrogant and throws in-wanted opinions about the forum! Again to th guy who slated me I guarantee he didn't take the care I did when he first started. Maybe he's jealous I can afford the gear
  9. Yeah some people won't like them but some people will. It's like smoking, some people do it, some people don't but we have to learn to agree to disagree as I said before in the dark I would not have seen the cut the carp had and would not have been able to doctor it as efficiently as I did. So I took it offensively when certain people were telling me I'm doing wrong. I only checked it every 30 minutes and that was with a guys under water camera he let me use, this was the least stressful way of checking it I could think of. Yeah, I've only just started carping, but stupid I am not
  10. And after looking at Phil's post it was more of a sack, deep and pushed out away from the margin..
  11. It was in the sling for 1 hour 45 minutes on a lake which the margin drops 6ft right away. Before slating why not ask the time it was there, the lake conditions etc. I even checked the weather to see if it was hot at sunrise so as soon as it got warm I put him back... I fish with 4 guys and between them there's 60+ years experience and they all said nothing I did was wrong as some of you made me feel I did something wrong although when explained they said 'no, nothing wrong done there' I don't want to argue I want to learn and fish.
  12. No harm done to that fish. If I didn't keep it til the morning I wouldn't have noticed the gash in his mouth, I applied fish aid and the fish swam off happily. Now tell me to get rid of it.
  13. http://imgur.com/2uOSCBE http://imgur.com/7GmeDd1 http://imgur.com/3qk7D6D http://imgur.com/zAlANhS There ya fellas! Kept in a sling til the morning!
  14. Here you go fellas, kept in a sling til the morning! http://imgur.com/2uOSCBE http://imgur.com/7GmeDd1 http://imgur.com/3qk7D6D http://imgur.com/zAlANhS
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