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  1. Thanks Ian, been a while since I visited!
  2. Have a great weekend chaps, gutted I had to pull out. Hope you all have fun
  3. Has anyone got these? If so how have you got on with them? And is £35 for the set of 3 or for 1? Got a bad feeling about that answer lol, can't find out other than it says 'set' but I'm guessing that's for the arm etc that comes with it. Need some new bobbins so fancied trying these, but may think again if they're 35 quid for one!
  4. Yeh not going to be going for that option lol. Ordered the fox supa brolly today
  5. Sorry meant to ask, is the fox brolly just as stable without the groundsheet on? Doesn't make much difference?
  6. Is the fox light in comparison then? Even with the fact is has a groundsheet and the Nash doesn't? It's not a built in groundsheet is it?
  7. Cheers mate, I was out in that one too, good one weren't it lol! Leaning towards the fox brolly tbh, but daft as it sounds don't want to follow the crowd lol, but qualitys quality I guess!
  8. Any help from people who've got them? Can't decide which one to get. For rigidity etc
  9. Anyone ever been? Booked for next year
  10. Plus if someone 'stole' my findings on my app who's to say it's any good, I could be a rubbish angler and be putting all sorts of rubbish down on there that's not even correct! I could be saying its gravel when it's silt or 6ft when it's 8! Lol I wouldn't find it very trust worthy
  11. Yeh sound mate no probs
  12. Haven't been doing a lot the last 2 years really, before that I had a couple of seasons on tong mere, done ok on there before all the carpers came back. Just started on the paas now, had a couple sessions on the bowl last year before it came through. How much is a winter ticket on Weston these days?
  13. It's 2-3 years waiting list mate wouldn't say you could walk in lol, nice one
  14. Where you got in mind next? Suprised you ain't down for the paas?
  15. You got a ticket on Weston now Liam? Been doing well so I see on retros page!?
  16. I think that bailiff in question would be going for a swim in the cut, in theory of course
  17. Cheers mate, good luck at Churn, not jealous at all
  18. I think it's a great app, also if your a good enough friend to some people and you've visited a day ticket before and done well then you have a friend going there then you can give them a helping hand. A) if they want it and b) if YOU choose to share it. I'd gladly share any decent info I've gained to my carpy friends for day tickets. The only place I'd be a bit more reserved would be a syndicate for example where you've done a tonne of homework on the place and you've worked too hard to give it all away. But even then I'd happily give friends a few pointers,maybe I'm daft. Used the app the weekend and was nice to have, never seen any fish top so never got to use that part of the app but can imagine on a syndicate over time that could come in very useful if a pattern starts emerging. 10 out of 10 for me!
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