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  1. I think i worked out you could get something like 30 odd mixes with the Salmon Oil, 33 mixes with the Caviar UTCS, so some of the products are expensive but should last a while, You get what you pay for, simple as that
  2. I worked out, for those ingredients, plus a 1.5 kg bag of base mix it would be over £70, you would need to roll a lot to save any money.
  3. It's a great book but now out of print and very expensive second hand. I recommend that you pop down to your local library and get them to order it in for you. You may have to wait a while but at least you get to read it for free! I sold mine on fleabay for £82 about a year ago, wish i hadn't
  4. I couldn't agree more with the original post, i remember reading, Paul Selmans, Carp Reflections, Keith Jenkins, The Myth, Dave Lanes, An Obsession With Carp, and Terry Hearns In Pursuit, I haven't read a decent book for a while, i used to like the tales of the effort these guys took to catch fish, living and breathing carp fishing, seems to have lost its way in recent years, but i am looking forward to getting A flick Of The Tail and The Keeper,
  5. Rule number one, just because they are fresh out of the packet, it doesn't mean the hooks are sticky sharp, so try to make sure that ever rig you cast in has a sticky sharp hook. To be honest it is speculated that barbless hooks, do come in and out of a fishes mouth multiple times throughout the fight, and a lot of anglers would advocate the use of barbed but if that is banned on your water, try setting your rigs so you dump the lead, so your in direct contact with the fish and not the lead and fish. A wider gape hook naturally has a bit more room for fixing into a fishes mouth, you could also try a curve shank hook, once in its hard for the fish to get rid of as it has to curve to come out.
  6. Personally i don't like long shanks, the mugga's and esp curve shank are both good strong hooks, which i use in pva bags all of the time. And ill go out on a limb and say i don't think KD rigs are as good as made out, just a simple 7 turn knotless knot on both of those patterns.
  7. Try Leamington Anglers Association http://www.leamington-angling.co.uk/ have a look at jubilee,
  8. I wouldn't worry it'll break up the colour.
  9. Carpbell i have never fished any of those, but i thought i would comment as your feeling a bit lonely on the forum, hot weather, a lot of people are either fishing or making the most of the weather mate, someone will be along soon, im sure
  10. Have a look at Rushes Lake, their on FB a lot, and you can speak with Kim on here i know a few lads on here have been more than once.
  11. I must admit non of the knots i have used have ever slipped.
  12. 5 turn grinner for swivels, go twice through the swivel, but i use a simple double loop knot, as i like to change my hooklinks on a regular basis.
  13. Another vote for micro barbed
  14. I have never trusted ready tied rigs or leaders, since the loop came undone on two leadcore leaders i had purchased a few years ago now, plus i can never get what i want out of ready mades.
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