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  1. what is the best approach carp fishing in winter???
  2. does any one know how to collect water snails from the lake tthat you fish at to use as carp bait please and thankyou, all replys will be appreciated
  3. taza


    does anyone know any floats that i can use for feeder rig as i cant get a quiver tip to fit my rod!!
  4. can you still use barbed hooks or are they illegal now. oh that is for carp fishing
  5. taza


    whats more popular to use a ledger or a feeder.
  6. taza


    how do you find your old threads
  7. does anyone know how to make some sort of homemade bite indicater? and ive looked on the tinternet and there was no good resources found. thx all help will be appreaciated.
  8. does any one know how to make a reel led alarm
  9. taza


    ok thankyou every one but i have caught yet my biggest mirror carp yet 17lb 3oz
  10. how should i fight a carp??? and what is the screwy bit on the back of my reel used for?? also what breaking strain should i use? im using a cage and size 4 hook. but have lost my line many times. i am currently using 5lb line.
  11. im new to carp fishing and do not know how to set up my line for a cage feeder. what strenght of line do i need, what size hook, and do i need and whire line atached to the main line?? please help me so i can get under way in my dads private lake!
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