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  1. I have being using the Combi-rig over the last 12 months, as my water is very weedy, I can chuck this into the weed using a 1oz flat pear lead and it sits nicely ontop of the weed as I use a snowman bait and a PVA nugget aswell. I do usually fish onto the clear spots which this rig has done the job for me, but when there are fish in and on the weed, and you need to fish on the weed, as I said, this rig has done the job and put me fish on the bank. Plus catching a few PB's on this rig also last year gave me massive confidence in it.
  2. This is hilarious! So your sponsored by TB feeds now then Nick?
  3. I have a tracker SLX v2 1 man and would highly recommend it, I really do like it, abit pricey, but if you have the cash I recommend it.
  4. I don't no many, but fosters also have the farm, and have a couple of spaces left on there, sure there is a 40 in there names Rita, if you ring fosters they will surely help you out.
  5. A message went on facebook from fosters yesterday saying the last few places on penns hall had being filled yesterday morning. So if you are interested you will have to go onto a waiting list, but as far as the lake is concerned I don't know anything about it.
  6. http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?p=575489&highlight=#575489 Try this.
  7. I think I have the same sleeping bag mate, Ian highly recommended it to me, so following his recommendation I went out and bought it, I'm very happy with it, and quite like the lumpy bit (the bit that goes over your shoulders) although for the cover I have the Trakker one as last October I was very cold still in the night, after purchasing the cover if kept me warm on the Barston social and on Wednesday night when both nights where freezing, and that is with the bivvy door wide open.
  8. There is a day ticket water right behind the snowdome named boroughpit or spelt something like that. I'm told you just turn up and fish and a woman walks round and collects your tickets. Supposed to have some 20's in and a 30? It's days only unless you join the lambs clubs. You also have Kingsbury Water Park, plenty of lakes on that complex with big carp, 10 mins away from Tamworth. Riddings is local I believe although never fished there that has carp over 20 I think too?
  9. Adam, keep an eye on their website, from time to time they have deals on which include free delivery
  10. I highly rate the Korda one, but obviously first attempt landed at my feet, after getting used to it I find i can get my baits roughly where i want them. Everytime a mate picks it up and says lets see how good these are... They hit their feet... Plenty of practice and your laughing
  11. I think I read you can put boilies further with the Nash one than the curved style ones, but never tried the nash one so cant compare. Hope you get the hang of it!
  12. I bought the Korda one 2 years ago I think, to see what all the fuss was about when it came to throwing sticks... First half a kilo went no further than 10 yards, but then i got the hang of it and wouldnt go anywhere without it, it's a great bit of kit. Not too sure on the cybershot? By Nash that has recently being released, sems very over priced for what it is?
  13. Was just about to say ive read a few people say they have soaked and boiled their tigers in coca cola!
  14. I use Carp Craze stuff, pretty cheap and does what I need it too and never need to change. I once heard a story of a company who accidently ordered the wrong material and made a batch of solid bags with them. Anglers who used them wondered why they where not getting bites when they should of and when they wound their rods in for a mornign re cast after a quiet night they found their rigs where still nice and neatly packed into the bags
  15. Ahh Keith that gave me a good chuckle. Always nice to hear people will admit to their silly mistakes, shows we are all human
  16. Weird what idea's some people come up with and this sounds very good, well thought out. I suppose if you put that into a solid bag you should be able to cast that as far as you can?
  17. Great write up so far! Looking forward to more!
  18. Well, if they can contend that, then I would advise snapping the butt section of the rod and the say its snapped and they should then replace it? And having to pay the Administration charge! Administration charge? When I bust the top eye on my rod, I took it to fosters, they either said they can send it to greys to be repaired, or they can do it for me in shop, they didn't say anything about an administration fee if I sent it to greys. They done it in shop for me anyway free of charge, to save the hassle of waiting for it.
  19. Well, if they can contend that, then I would advise snapping the butt section of the rod and the say its snapped and they should then replace it?
  20. Greys offer a life time warranty so you should be good mate.
  21. I think you might be referring to 'Individual Baits' Neil, I know they steam all their boilies. Try getting contact with them if you want to know anything about steaming boilies, I'm sure I seen them post something on their facebook the other week.
  22. You say swingers, are you on about the ones with a long solid bit of metal that pivots under the alarm? Or do you mean bobbins that are on Chain?
  23. A vote here for the Gardner micro bugs. Got them after I had several recommendations to try them. Havnt had any need to change them as they work we with both slack and tight lines. Ross.
  24. Another vote for the Trakker SLX V2, had mind nearly a year, and I find it a great bit of kit.
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