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  1. Alright mate was wondering if you could help me out a little bit as I'm planning on revisiting the ebro targeting them monsters! And with there being so many different companies offering guided cat fishing I don't know who to choose and am a bit cautious of who to go with after speaking to someone who claimed they had a few bad trips with some companies who had around like 20 people sharing 6 rods all taking it in turns Which isn't really what I'm looking for I want a more private/exclusive trip for two anglers for 7 nights with a guide and tackle and the option to fish for carp.

    If you could help would be much appreciated 

  2. I always carry a hyperdermic with me. Oil is good in summer, but typically this time of year I carry a little pot of krill extract.
  3. Tree lined pools with no on else around. Crystal clear water with Lilly and weedbeds.
  4. That looks nice mate. Like the idea that fishing is in. I'd sooner just pay that bit more and then just fish when I fancied it rather than having someone coming and bugging you over a fiver. I might give anglers paradise another blast. I've not been for years. I've always enjoyed whiteacres but I've never had good weather down there. Newquay Is just weird...the rest of the country can have 25 degree sunshine and Newquay will be under thick rain clouds.
  5. The perch on the fly is interesting. Just started doing a bit of fly fishing and reckon that perch on the fly might be one of my first targets.
  6. Thanks for the info guys. It looked ok on paper for a week away with the family...reckon I'll give it a miss. I hate penny pinching...it's things like that fiver (which lets face it is no big deal) really boil my water...miserable git charging you a fiver to chuck a rod out for an hour. The joys of forums though. ...just need to find somewhere else now.
  7. Time to update mine: Mirror Carp - 46lb12 Common Carp -38lb10 Siamese Carp- 120lb Julians carp 35lb Crusian carp 2lb2oz Others Chub5lb3 Tench 8lb2 Roach 1lb6 Barbel 11lb2 Catfish 155lb Redtail catfish 81lb Arapiama 310lb Mekong catfish 190lb Sturgeon 150lb Bream 9lb8 I've been trying for a couple of years to crack the 40lb common barrier...but have failed. Moved off of my syndi now...so a failed mission
  8. Just looking around for a week away with the wife and kids and this place seems to come up a fair bit. Just wondered if anyone had been recently or could recomend it?
  9. I've got a few mates who've had Basia and have not been overelly happy with them. Alright whilst they were new- or if you keep them super clean...bits of dirt and grit apparently wreck them. Think I'd be going Shimmy Magnesium.
  10. cobleyn

    Pva bags

    I tend to use 2-3inch hook links with solid bags. Usually with supple braid.
  11. Just Carpology for me too. I bought advanced carp fishing one day last year when I had a long train ride and and it was the only mag they had. Jesus- it was painful...I think I must have read a few pages and the rest was just dirge.
  12. Now to be fair, the guys in the pegs across from me where new on the lake and it was quite busy – so its not like there was much option....and truth be known the feature I was fishing to was over halfway across. So technically I was fishing their water. As an angler, you know when you’re poaching and it was time for a re-think. Clearly I couldn’t be chucking across the pond to the front side of the plateau and claiming to be ‘in my water’. Even if I was so brass necked as to do it- would I really want to be spodding for 2 hours a day just to share a swim with loads of other rods. A brief chat with the guides suggested that quite a bit had changed since my last visit. The mekongs had started to push the carp around consequently there were new feeding grounds to try. A little time with the marker rod gave me some new areas to explore and I decided that two particular areas could be worth concentrating on. Both were almost identical and felt very smooth and sandy until they hit a gravelly lip. My plan was to get some bait down and vary my casts both onto the back of the lip and in the sand and over the front side of the lip in the rocky/ gravelly side. Both new areas were much closer in which allowed me to change things up a bit. Instead of using the spomb I changed to a huge old bucket of a spod which allowed me to get bait out a lot quicker ,albeit that within 5 minutes the braid from the spod rod had sliced into my finger. Luckily I’d packed a stall!. I also changed from long distance rigs to using solar’s PVA swivels. This meant that I could tie up loads of long PVA bags and thrown them into a bag for use at a later date. The next couple of days I didn’t do much fishing. I got out of the resort with the family and did some sightseeing. The first night produced a cracking carp of 90lbs which was really nice and dark and proved to be the biggest carp of the trip. I managed another fish that night a redtail of around 30lb. Redtails are stunning, with very vibrant covers and have crab like shell across the top of their heads and shoulders. They run to around 100lbs at Stuarts place, but in the wild can grow over 300lbs. It became apparent from catch reports from around the lake that the carp weren't really playing ball. Odd ones were getting caught, but the mekong were incredibly active. Head and shouldering all over the lake and making the presence felt. I came to the decision that I was going to pursue the mekongs (which were after all one of my targets for the trip) and if carp came along then all well and good. I started to soak a load of pellets in the Pineapple glug and apply more bait as the mekong seemed to come in hard on big baits. I also started to tighten up my baiting. Instead of putting a bed down of around the marker float of maybe 12 feet wide I tried to get the spod within a tight 3 foot area. I figured that I was fishing in 14 feet of water so the natural spread in that depth would still give a reasonable area for multiple fish to come in and feed- but not spread them out too much (and hopefully give me quicker bites). It was obvious pretty quickly that this was the way forwards as I had a screaming run whilst I still had the spod in my hand. I bent into a very angry Mekong that left a huge vortex as it exited my swim. After a quick walk through my neighbours swim (and much apologising as I walked past him. I exited the water about 100 yards from where the fight had started. After a ¾ an hour scrap the fish started to circle my inside margin. A stocky Mekong of around 100lb head and shouldered and started to pull away from me. Now I don’t mind telling you that I wasn’t in the mood to be bullied around and I clamped teh cluth right down to slow the fish. It turned the fish and started to bring it towards me. It dived for the near margin under my feet and “CRACK” the line gave out. Now I take no pleasure in leaving a hook in a fishes mouth; but the fishery runs a strict barbless policy, so I’m sure it ejected the hook pretty quickly. It has to be said though- it did give me a feel for how much pressure was possible on the line. Whilst I really was heaving hard on it- its some-way from the pressure you can give fish on 100lb briad (eg ebro cats)...so there is some finesse in it. However if you’d seen me heaving at the fish in 100 degree heat you wouldn’t have thought there wasn't much.
  13. I used the bloodworm micro pellets through the back end of last year and did well on them.
  14. Me and Danny sitting in a tree. K-I-S....lol you know the rest. Two mistakes you have made young Jedi....a korda kutta you have bought. Secondly The forum you have told.
  15. I need a few hours in the tackle shed before I do anything. Kits in a mess after the social and my overseas trip. Went running with the dog last night and put about a kg into the canal...as I went down it. Another week of pre baiting and it's getting a bit of attention.
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