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  1. Forgive me I have forgotten lol. Was hoping someone who had a hide would know. I'm fishing at the moment, I'm here till Sunday morning, so will post again when I take the bivvy down. Its too high up to read at the moment
  2. I've just recently bought the nash titan hide xl pro in green may I add. It has a warning message on the block at the top of the bivvy. I'm probably just being dumb, but I don't know what it means. Anyone shed some light on it?
  3. Shes right I won't tell you the gory details, but when I had my only child it was like a scene from a horror film lol. My kid was a 7 pounder
  4. She'll be that magic 40 one day 😂
  5. Sorry for previous reply wrong person. Yeah I would be gutted leaving a spot when the fish are on the feed. Sometimes you just crave for that extra time
  6. How much did she weigh? The baby I mean 😂
  7. How much did she weigh? The baby I mean 😂
  8. I did a 3 night session on my local club waters. I went on a lake that is fairly easy but had a lot of small ones in. I managed 8, that were mainly small, but had 2 over 21lb so was chuffed to bits with the results
  9. That's a different idea I could try that. I have a korda braid that is uncoated that might do the trick
  10. Tbh I haven't been on the lake lately. Been fishing other lakes. But I will do at some point
  11. I don't think the lead is plugging. But I will be more aware of it next time thanks
  12. Not sure to be honest. If it is what can I do?
  13. No not seen the advice but will take a look thanks ☺
  14. It was overweighted I ended up making it critically balanced
  15. Not a duck, but I just had to add this goose because he's a friend I made a couple of sessions ago and ate from my hand
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