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  1. Intrigued by the hydrolink. Will have to have a look. Cheers for that.
  2. Not used Kryston before. Thanks for that, will have a look. [emoji106]
  3. Never thought of N Trap!! Cheers for that!
  4. Yep. Never had a real problem up until recently. Maybe just iffy section? Finished the spool and just not as much confidence in it anymore, just considering a change.
  5. Hi All, I have been using two tone coated braid hooklink for a while now but I have had a few issues recently such as breaks, knots breaking when testing (The knots themselves are tied correctly!) and fraying easily. Can anyone recommend a good all round material please? My lakes have plenty of weed but with silty pitches. Cheers
  6. Yep, think the cats are pushing 30-40 although you dont here of many captures. Had a great season on Geneva one before last but couldn't seem to do a thing right last year. 6 islands an interesting place. Some big carp in there too. Tight lines. If I get any info on Docking will let you know.
  7. Yep, will be on Nar Valley when it reopens. Hoping for a better season on there than last. Was awful for me! No carp at all. is that Willowcroft Pentney or Wisbech way?
  8. Thanks for that. There was a few lads on it last night but was late and pouring so didn't want to disturb them! I know there's a few cats and some carp in there but no idea how to get on. Will have a word in post office. Cheers.
  9. Bit of a long shot but does anyone know anything about Docking Angling Club and their lake just outside Docking please? Can't seem to find any info other than on Geocaching websites! Cheers all.
  10. Thanks for that. Had a ride over Thursday and met Chris. Gave me some good info. Going to head over in next few weeks. thinking of fishing it until Nar Valley reopens. Been fishing Pentney as my back up but fancied a change. Mind, if it gets sold the new owner could stop all fishing as there is no protective covenant on the lake! Usual rigs and bait?
  11. Does anyone know anything about Pocahontas in Heacham, Norfolk please? Am looking to do 48 hours in couple of weeks but would appreciate some info on the place if anyone can help. Hear it's very weedy but not sure if there are clear patches etc. Anyone know if you are able to have a walk around please? Thanks guys. Tight lines.
  12. Thanks for the replies all. Interesting to see everyone's different opinions on the subject. My preference has always been a shorted separation but am beginning to think I may need to lengthen it slightly. As a relative newbie I have always been concerned as to having a long hair and it being too long for a Carp's mouth - daft I know as the mouth is huge but was always slightly neurotic about it. Just part of the learning curve I guess
  13. Just been thinking about rigs for when I finally get back out. I was looking at hair length and tying rigs before getting to the water. How long do people like their hairs on average and do people tie before they go or at the water? What rigs do you tend to have pre-tied, if any?
  14. Hope so! Back out next week for another 48 hr session
  15. I can see the logic behind the weed sliding over the inline, I guess due to the more streamlined shape? I am still learning (again!) so trying out the different setups and learning more about the lake will help long term. Thanks for your time.
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