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  1. Intrigued by the hydrolink. Will have to have a look. Cheers for that.
  2. Not used Kryston before. Thanks for that, will have a look. [emoji106]
  3. Never thought of N Trap!! Cheers for that!
  4. Yep. Never had a real problem up until recently. Maybe just iffy section? Finished the spool and just not as much confidence in it anymore, just considering a change.
  5. Hi All, I have been using two tone coated braid hooklink for a while now but I have had a few issues recently such as breaks, knots breaking when testing (The knots themselves are tied correctly!) and fraying easily. Can anyone recommend a good all round material please? My lakes have plenty of weed but with silty pitches. Cheers
  6. Cheers everyone. Will give it a go.
  7. Did wonder about araldite. Would you put it up the ring (apologies about the wording! ) or over the join between ring and blank?
  8. I noticed this weekend that the tip ring in one of my rods is loose, not ever so but it does have some movement which I am sure will only get worse. The rods are Chub Outcast Plus 50. How do I repair this please? Wondered about the old superglue but don't want to wreck the rod!!
  9. Thanks for that. Have got corn liquor that I intended to add to it. Fingers crossed it has an effect.
  10. Sorry should have been more specific. Yep, adjustable zig. Have got my foam soaking in goo as we speak (not the same sort of goo that a certain man with glasses produces, before the flames start getting thrown! [emoji12]) I have had them dipped in pineapple pellet soak that I picked up last year. With regard to the bags. I intended to get some prepared before I went and wanted to have pellet, chilli hemp and mixed seed in them. Will they be ok on the bag the day before or will it melt please? I have got the taska bag system which is similar to the fox one I believe (freebie from the Mrs!), but not thought about the Zig Aligners. Thanks for that.
  11. I fell out of love with fishing back in November last year and despite a brief encounter I hadn't touched my kit since. I had blanked for two seasons on my water, yet was catching on others I was going to. Couldn't get my head around it and really needed to get my head in the right place as it was getting me down, especially hearing all the regulars relaying their catch reports and how they never seemed to blank. Anyhow, after a break the bug is back and I have renewed the membership, stocked up on the bait and decided to try new rigs out. Friday is the first session and I am praying for at least a run over the weekend to provide even just a glimmer of hope. Have decided to give solid bags (quite a weedy water) and zigs a go. Never tried them before as never had the confidence but feel I have to try something different. Anyone got any useful tips on either please?
  12. Not giving up. Even managed to persuade my Mrs to write a cheque for membership renewal, which was a bonus. Dread to think how I am going to have to pay that back!!
  13. Have had a few moments when forgot to put alarm on. Fortunately realised quickly enough to turn them on before anything happened. I had an 18 year gap last time so glad this one has only been a few months!
  14. Have to confess that last year I fell out of love with fishing. I had two years of blanks on a fairly tough water, yet everyone else seemed to be catching. Did my head to be honest and I chucked my gear into storage last August and left it there but in the last week I have got the bug again and am already planning for the opening of my water in June. Seems the rest has done me good! Bring it on. Anyone else got through these phases?
  15. Just booked on Saturday until Monday. Hoping for first fish of the year.
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