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  1. I've git the mxr+ basically the same alarm and I can't fault them absolutely love them
  2. Yeah it is hard buddy everyone I know says newbridge is easier but I guess it's just preference
  3. I have the hydrotuff in 12 lb and can't fault it, superb kknot strength gonna put the 16lb n my spare spools
  4. Burstwick near hull mate
  5. cheers buddy, it certainly did, i just re read my post and even now a week later still bringing a smile to my face
  6. ive got the fox mxr+ and i cant fault them 2 stage sensitivity covers all situations can have them silent i would recommend!
  7. session 10 Its now the 14th july of this year and ive just started my 2 weeks off from work and i decided to do 72 hours at rainbow when i arrive i see my lucky swim 2 is closed for weed removal and repairs, walking further down the bank i couldnt believe my eyes swim 7 was empty ( swim 7 being the " the hot peg" at the minute or so im told) i set my rods up in double quick time and immediately cast to the far margin where there is a gravel bar running along the far bank through swim 6 and 7, clipped up reeled in with my brand new fox fx11s walked up the bank to my distance sticks and went round 13 times (52 yards) so i knew exactly how many turns to do if i had a fish in the dead of night. For my 3 day session i choose to fish my almond goo'd pop ups on 1 rod and a snow man on the other comprised of cell and almond goo'd banoffee dumbells edging both baits off so they fit snugly together over a bed of cell, 1 kilo went in straight away over the 2 rod area spread evenly between the two. Few hours passed and nothing so i decided to reel in and change baits on the recast i managed to hook my receiver before i realise i see my mxr+ reciever flying through the air into 18ft of water i was devastated i reeled in with the receiver still on but needless to say it was knackered! i moved my bivvy back 2ft so it wouldnt happen again put the misfortune behind me and cast back out the day turned into night and i had my first bite at 1am the next morning on the left hand had screamed off the snowman rig doing the trick at 14lb 2oz it wasnt huge but i was happy to be off the mark and wouldnt be another blank the rest of the night went without so much as a liner then the next afternoon my right hand rod with a hinge stiff had a take i ran out lifted the rod and tightened the fx11 down to what felt like an enormous fish it must of took 20-30 yards of line and then suddenly the rod went straight i reeled in to find out the knot come lose, devastated was an understatement as i sit in the bivvy i couldnt help but think that the fish might of got me my first hoody and more importantly my first 20! The day soon became night and i was still gutted about losing that fish, the left hand rod was off again this time to a slightly bigger fish a 15lb 4oz leather. I set the carp back and went to bed. The next morning i was still gutted at losing the fish the day before then as if like it was scheduled at pretty much the same time as the day before the right hand rod was away again straight for a weed bed it came away with minimum effort and after a lengthy battle in which it went for the snags several times it was in the net, bigger then anything ive caught i rang the owned and he came to verify the weight. This ghosty tipped the scales at 20lb 12oz I'd done it my first 20! and also a hoody i couldn't believe it id landed a 20 out of a lake when nobody i know has even had a fish out of it i was buzzing. I sat for a while before recasting my rod to the spot thinking about what had just happened, 2 and half years of waiting and i finally landed my first 20! the sense of achievement was unbelievable The last 24 hours in my session saw 2 fish during the night and 1 at first light this 14lb 8oz common an 18lb pb mirror and this 11lb 6oz original mirror i finished my session and returned home woth 2 new pbs 18lb mirror and a 20lb 12oz ghostie still on cloud 9 about the session id just had it wont be long before im back trying for the 25 or maybe even rainbow lakes first 30! thanks for taking the time to read my post Adam
  8. adamsnell

    Rainbow success

    It was may 2012 when i first laid eyes on rainbow lake (burstwick) around the same time carp fishing started to appeal to me, shortly after i did my first session on there not knowing what to expect, obviously it ended in a blank. After my first session on the lake it was always in the back of my mind no matter where i was fishing i wanted to be back there. If you land a fish over 20 25 or 30lb you recieve a hoody for free with the lakes name on it and then the weight (20 25 or 30), also if you so happen to catch the biggest fish of the year you receive a years free fishing jan-jan of the next year Visit 1 So in march of this year i packed my gear and headed off to rainbow lake i chose to fish swim 1 the year before it had being " the hot swim" so i was told (although i didn't realize that the year before all the snags had being taken out) i found 2 spots which seemed to be solid gravel spots everywhere else had weed in some form on the bottom so i thought i must of found a place the carp visit regularly, i cast out 2 rigs to the spots catapulted a few freebies (cell) to the spots and sat back n held my breathe hoping for my first rainbow lake carp. As the sun began to set one of the regulars came into my swim an we ended up having a lengthy talk about the lake in which he told me it wasn't an easy lake especially at this time of the year an that he had being on for 11 days and hadn't had a carp only bream, he wished my luck with the rest of my 24 hour session and i returned to my bivvy made a brew and started to contemplate the reality that i might not get a fish not only only this session but not for a while. Evening soon became night and night to morning. I had blanked but i wasnt going to give up not without a fight Visit 3 Skipping my previous session in which resulted n another blank on swim 1 i decided to go in 2 the owner came round and told me about a gap in the over hanging trees on the far bank which was about a 50 yard cast and told me that it was a really good spot as the carp love to swim around it, so cast 2 rigs out that i had refined from previous sessions basically my version of a hinged stiff rig the hook baits where milky toffee pop ups soaked in almond goo my first 2 casts where bang on the money and i proceeded to lay the area with about 1/2 3/4 of a kilo of cell. It got to about 6pm and i decided i wanted to recast the rods with fresh hook baits on i ventured out the bivvy and find the thickest fog screen i had ever seen, with the fear of losing my spot or eve snapping off against my better judgement i decided to leave my rods in and sleep on them that night. 5am the next day i was awoke by a screaming mxr+ receiver i ran outside struck my rod and i was in after a short battle my landing net was under my first rainbow lake carp i couldnt believe it [/url] sorry about the picture quality i had to take a video screen shot the weight was 11lb 12oz i slipped the fish back recast the rig hit the clip and once again it was a perfect cast. I put the rest of my kilo of cell in and went back to sleep, i was awoke at aprox 9am by john the owner with my breakfast i ordered the night before and told him about my result and showed him the photo and he told me it was 1 of 4 identical looking commons he left to do his morning rounds and i retired to the bivvy absolutely buzzing with a result on my third session even if it wasn't one of lakes bigger residents a couple of hours passed and once again the mxr+ began to sing, so once more i was in battle with what turned out to be a bigger fish This one weight 17lb 6oz Hour and half later this one graced my landing net at 16lb 8oz i went home with a smile on my face having landed 3 fish in 24 hours from what i consider to be the hardest lake around Session 5 This was my fifth night of the year and now we are in June, still on cloud 9 after the session previous, after having the 3 fish out of 2 i opted to return and see if i could persuade another to take my hook baits. I had to wait 23 hours for carp number 4 11lb 2oz of original rainbow mirror carp i was happy as out ( regardless of what my face says lol) For the next 6 weeks i managed to do 4 over nighters with no success what so ever.
  9. Also any of the chub/sonic range are good but there a little more pricey but if you looked around you could find a second hand set on he cheap
  10. You can't go wrong with daiwa black widow rods, probably the best rods in that price range
  11. Just bin to Hull angling and got my self some fx11s and wow the line lay is amazing, here so smooth they have a quick drag but it isn't too quick, absolutely love them, only payed £125 each as well so couldn't pass it up Cannot wait to get them on the bank!
  12. Do really like the look of the fx11s heard nothing but good things about these and will probably be getting a pair
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