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  1. I've git the mxr+ basically the same alarm and I can't fault them absolutely love them
  2. I have the hydrotuff in 12 lb and can't fault it, superb kknot strength gonna put the 16lb n my spare spools
  3. ive got the fox mxr+ and i cant fault them 2 stage sensitivity covers all situations can have them silent i would recommend!
  4. Also any of the chub/sonic range are good but there a little more pricey but if you looked around you could find a second hand set on he cheap
  5. You can't go wrong with daiwa black widow rods, probably the best rods in that price range
  6. Just bin to Hull angling and got my self some fx11s and wow the line lay is amazing, here so smooth they have a quick drag but it isn't too quick, absolutely love them, only payed £125 each as well so couldn't pass it up Cannot wait to get them on the bank!
  7. Do really like the look of the fx11s heard nothing but good things about these and will probably be getting a pair
  8. I have an led lenser h7.2 and love it lights the full peg up ranges of 150mtrs! Possibly best £37 ive spent thos year!
  9. Yeah i havent used big pits ever at min i have sone shimano baitrunners and cannot fault them 1 bit, but then i saw the fox fx11s and they do look rather tarty suppose to be best reel in that price range, seen couple reviews from companys but just wanted to see if anyone has some
  10. Anybody have these reels? Thinking of getting a pair but wanted a bit of info before i fake the plunge
  11. i recently bought a pair of fox black label slick bobbins and think they are spot on cover all situations u can evem fish them like a stow but once gou get a run the bobbin doesnt drop off the line it jus turns into a normal "running" bobbin, for £10 a piece there cheaper then most on the maket
  12. just ordered one £80 with free net float, bargain
  13. looking for a new landing net, narrowed it down to the trakker eq carbon and the nash entity, anyone have any experience with either of these?
  14. Can prob go to about £60 maybe abut more
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