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  1. yeah i heard that pegs 1-6 where the best as for the boilies he sells there i havent tried them so i couldnt comment on them but it would make sense to use these as that is what he feeds the lake on, yeah john is a really nice bloke and looks after the lake and the fish as you said they are immaculate. I havent being other then to walk around a couple of weeks ago since i wrote this post keep meaning to go back but something keeps popping up or for lack of funds. Dont suppose you could reply back to this post and let us know how you got on could you. Would really like to pull some big fish out of there abit of knowledge never hurt.
  2. I tend to fish short hairs with a couple of mms between the hook and the bait And yes i do tie rigs up b4 i get to the bank i have normal hair rigs blow back rigs kd rigs snowman rigs chod rigs the reason for this is for variety if 1 of them dont work for you if you put your hooklinks on quick change links you can just swap around untill you start getting takes
  3. Thanks very much now i undetstand how it all works
  4. Thanks very much now i undetstand how it all works
  5. Dont you need like sliding beads n such tho to allow the link to come off the lead core incase your line breaks?
  6. I dunno what the botton section is called tbh lol so i jus used boom section You know what i mean the bit usually made out of lead core lol
  7. So im going for my first session in over 5 months over the weekend at a hard water which i like to fish, and i was thinking about fishing a chod rig for the first time i know how to tie the actual hook link up but when it comes to the "boom section" i havent got a foggyest ive watched so many videos on tieing this up but still im having problems with it there is a video from danny fairbrass (if thats how you spell it) which i think his way of doing it is spot on. But i cannot for the death of me tbink of what components i need to tie the section up so im asking can anybody list the components needed in order to make the boom section of a choddy Would be much appreciated
  8. Can't take any credit for the swivel on the 'D', or for the blobbing of floss. Two separate ideas that I have seen and liked so incorporated them into the way I mount a bait on a chod rig. I did think about the shot on the swivel though. Although I am sure others have done it/thought of it. Just I have never seen it before. I started by having the shot on the loop but it progressed to how it is in the photos. Yeah i thought about puttin the shot on the eye but didnt think it would sit right never thought off using bait floss once again genious!
  9. Do you perhaps have a link for niges photo. http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=55738 There you go mate. Oo may i say that that is genious i tip my hat off to you mate
  10. Do you perhaps have a link for niges photo.
  11. Looked up fox lsc and they dont do them in barbless are there any hooks like the lsc that are barbless
  12. Yeah i have a few tied up with braid but i always thought ring swivels would work better
  13. Never thought of using a micro swivel thay could work but as for replacing the swivel with steipped back braid i dont think thats the same as having coated alk the way through and then a swivel as the swivel allows 360 movement where it lands so that where ever the carp comes from it will turn and hook in
  14. There is the rig i tied my self it is a size 8 mugga continental tied on with 15lb jrc coccoon in green with a size 11 ring swivel with a korda anti tangle sleeve in weed to match the hooklink I know there is alot of controversy behind this rig because of the way it is tied meaning that when you land a fish because there is kno line around the eye of the hook it can occasionally get stuck in the net and rip the fishes mouth but when i am on the bank i will put some shrink tubing over the eye to stop this from happening. My question is how do i keep the swivel on the bottom i tried using rig putty but it seems like you have to put a ridicolous ammount of putty around the centre of the swivel to makesure it stays to the bottom and even then it doesnt sit firm on the bottom the pop up im using is a 15mm mainline fruitella and i just carnt seem to keep it down Any help would be much appreciated.
  15. So im planning on doing a week session here some time next year when it warms up atad. I have done a couple of night sessions here before and 1 48 hour session and on all occasions i have blanked other then the 48 where me and a friend managed to bag up on perch on the good old float rod but in the case of a carp we blanked. The swim we fished was 15, which we nicknamed Perch peg because of all the perch we caught the swim has depths of up to 18ft I dont know what it is about this place what keeps me going back because all the people i know that fish there they have all blanked i suppose its the scenary its relaxing and the atmosphere is just what you need to fish every swim is enclosed by trees which is what i like when i go fishing you carnt really see anyone else on the lake other then if someone is directly opposite you, the only sign of anyone else on the lake is the bailiff (john) when he does his rounds and occasionally he comes to talk to you hes a really nice guy among all the places i have fished i would say hes the friendliest bailiff i have met , now i know theres fish in there as i have seen tons of pictures on the site ( http://www.rainbowlake.co.uk/category/gallery ) going up to about 26lb . The lake overall is well looked after and you can tell he loves what he is doing i really wish i could attatch some pics to this post as me talking about it doesnt get accross how lovely i think this place is but unfortunatly i dont have pics of this venue and i suppose you carnt capture what im trying to say in pictures you have to be there to look around it to truely understand what i mean. Tight lines Adam
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