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  1. Nice one blue! I bet that gave you a good scrap?
  2. A bit of a puddle compared to the reservoir, but the boys have enjoyed catching a few silvers. Lost one on the first night, had a pretty little 13lb scaled mirror at dusk last night. Another reminder why I don't fish day tickets, poor fish had half of its mouth missing 😭😀
  3. Nice one. Memories like that are priceless mate. I'm hoping to get my youngest catching one or two next week. I've got all week to bag one.
  4. 5m whip, 8lb line, size 16 hooks & a pasty net for the boys. Looking forward to a week away at lodge on a lake. Not sure of stock, but planning to have a hook bait out every night, over the spots the boys bait up with maggots, worm and grounbait. You never know I may even have a fish this yearπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€“
  5. They look like a good idea, so I tried them, lost my only take at the rest I've been on, so in the bin now πŸ˜”
  6. About 3_4 hours hard digging!🀭 Sorry I couldn't help myself
  7. Same as regards cheap ones. don't bother. As you say, some named brands are eye-watering prices. Cygnet are very reasonably priced. I have bank sticks, buzz bars and distance sticks, no complaints from me.
  8. Excellent feeling getting your pb ( I think I can just about remember that far back πŸ™„), nice old warrior by the look of it. BTW it's July mate. Cracker..!
  9. Have you heard of (not 100% sure it's right), The Farm Lake? Someone I have a lot of respect for his fishing ability, is on the look out for, he said its down that way & holds a few real lumps
  10. I thought you built one in lockdown mate
  11. Reminds me of the CarPark with all that weed. Did you not make contact mate?
  12. Fingers crossed for you elmo!
  13. Expensive to get a good one. Guy I know spent Β£600 on the drive wheel for his as an upgrade to fish a local res. I'm lucky, I can load a boat more or less right on the car park /slip way
  14. My res, it's nearly 2 miles away, have to put the front on my bivvy when I need a carp
  15. They are tight. I put mine on the bank sticks first, which makes it easier to get the cover off. No other issues, had mine about 5 years
  16. Not yet mate. Funny I was talking about this today. They check EA licence. Going in August. I'll let you know if it's a good.
  17. Trekker,Β£75, lasted 3 trips ( various other items from this firm, dog do, do, imo.) Greys, Β£70, lasted just over a year Sonik Vader X, still going Β£45 over 4 years. Recently, 2 Sonik STR 3.75 Tc both snapped after 7 years ( I don't go more than once a month and fish rock hard waters, so not exactly pulling them in. Sonik spod rod, top eye ring fell out within a month. No joy n return as brought from online stores & Eric's tackle. No response from Sonik?? I seem to live by the law of the sod! Landing net seems good for the money though, 2 piece, so good for stalking the margins in theory?
  18. I've never liked the look of these type of cookers/stoves, far too small, prone to going over. With my dinner in, no, no! Camping gas stove, comfortably takes my fryng pan. Millets shop today, Β£12 for 8 cans of gas. That will see me through the rest of the year.
  19. My mate J st got the jrc contact. 2 man, small bag and very light for the size. Β£150 you can't go wrong imo
  20. I would, I use a 50lb shock leader, after cracking off. Its never happened since. Great, simple knot for quick change.
  21. Ok, not the hook then, have you got any idea why you dropped the fish? Id adjust the length of the hair, maybe the rig too. That's my thoughts, from when I used to get bites, some years ago 😭.
  22. What hooks you using mate? Have you sharpened them?
  23. Thank you, I thought it was worth asking. I've got 7 nights to find out.
  24. Headlands farm. Nice little deck on the water, BBQ n fishing, seems ideal.
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