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  1. My mate had his first one this morning, just over 11lb. Wicked looking fish, would love to know what strains are in here, there deffo seems to be some difference in the shapes etc. I'd like to think it could be a decent fish when it's older lol.
  2. Thanks I will give it a go πŸ‘πŸ€£ It's been quiet since we got here, lost one this morning but nothing since. they are showing but don't seem to be on the feed so I've put a zig out with some black foamπŸ‘
  3. Hmm lol so last time I fished here the water was high and you had to have your tips high to clear the bushes etc. So brought a little fold up saw with me to chop them down a little. Wades out and starts cutting them down under water, only gone and nicked my waders with the saw 🀣 It's put a small hole in the left leg. Question is, will a puncture repair kit patch it? It's pretty much a pin prick but the water is getting in and giving me a wet sock 🀣 Any suggestions on a bank side bodge would be great 🀣
  4. Instead of 5 nights starting Monday, going tomorrow night as well now 🀣 Chest freezer half full with prepped hemp/tigers/maize, with another some bigger tigers soaking. Also got a 15kg sack of flaked maize, 4.5l of the hemp Δ΅uice water it was cooked in to soak the particles when it's thawed out. Thinking of adding some condensed milk to help it cloud up a bit πŸ€” Going to have a go with the adjustable zig on one rod because last time they were showing but not really on the feed, wondering if they are higher up in the water? Also taking my mate with me who's new to fishing for carp, so main mission will be to get him one on the bank lol As I'm writing this I've just remembered to pack the binos 🀣
  5. Allpowers is are good for the money πŸ‘
  6. jh92

    New purchases

    Yeah mate I will be using them from now on, they've got a lot of basemix ingredients to play with as well πŸ‘Œ
  7. jh92

    New purchases

    Think you've deleted your reply mate πŸ˜†
  8. jh92

    New purchases

    My first order from aa baits πŸ‘ loving the size of the xxl tigers 🀣
  9. Spot on mate, never used anything except a decent bag tbh. When I got into night fishing a bivvy heater was never really spoke of lol, now you're seeing things on Facebook where people are using diesel heaters etc, madness lol I like the hot water bottle idea though πŸ‘
  10. jh92

    Dogs and fishing

    I'm a delivery driver, love meeting the customers dogs, even bring treats with me 🀣🀣
  11. If you have power tools you can get a USB adapter for the batteries, about £10 I think, I think mine hold about 2 phone charges each. Also have the allpowers r600 with a 100w solar panel for long sessions. Haven't used the panel yet but the battery is a beast and haven't been able to use it all up on a trip yet 🀣
  12. A syringe/needle puncturing the skin I think mate
  13. Got myself 5kg of the French stuff on its way, hopefully the carp don't mind 🀣
  14. jh92

    New purchases

    5kg jumbo tigers 1kg xxl tigers 15kg flaked maize 5kg hemp 25kg maize Busy week ahead 🀣
  15. They ended up in the bay, just on my left. I think it annoyed me more than the fish, expect they are used to it, with all the boats and water sports etc lol. I'm heading back there next Monday for 5 nights so will be prepping this week. Is there much difference in Chinese and French hemp?
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