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  1. Jag have a turning system that allows you to line up the alarms or rests perfectly, mine are bang on and really tight with no washers at all. It is a bit fiddly but once you understand what to do it's simple. Were you not aware of this?
  2. Yeah they obvs seen a gap on price point, just surprised they copied the lock and tops almost exactly. The alignment mechanism on the bars looks great, not sure on the look though for me with the bulky ends and set length. I wouldn't change my 2+1's, apart from needing 3 spread single rods, these cover everything I need and got the pod to go with it for platforms etc. Obvs had to get the storm sticks for my Ultralite in all 3 sizes lol I laughed at my mate when he got his Jag pod, couldn't believe what he paid, 3 years later I've got more than him. The addiction is real 🤣
  3. I'm surprised the bank sticks are a copy of the Jag Prolite sticks right down to the lock, insert and thread end. I bet Jag are not impressed.
  4. I put the putty on the loop knot, secures the putty and lowers the pop-up to the max. Seems to work high, low or medium just adjust to suit what your fishing over. Pic is the stiff bottom end version
  5. Hi mate, That's good it worked straight away. So you're using the ESP Tungsten loaded with a loop at both ends? If so I use a simple figure of eight loop knot for loops in coated braids. I have a little break in the coating under the putty.
  6. I should have said - it's deep packed down not wide, so as deep as a bed chair, as you can see above, that's the only downer IMO, so far obvs.
  7. First week back after spawning, new swim another blank, loads of liners as the fish moved accross the huge marginal plateau but the swans make it tricky to fish. Saturday morning they closed the bottom end of the lake as they were spawning again.
  8. First trip out using the chair, seems pretty light but obvs not as light as my other. Pack down it's wide so takes up room in the car but fitted on the barrow behind the bed. Bars cross over when packed down would be better if all these chairs folded flatter and smaller. Comfy in use on the bed, you dont feel the bar underneath which was my initial concern, also comfy on the bank using the lowest back bar for a low rider style option or thicker one for more upright. Nice having back adjustment, pretty happy with it tbh.
  9. Think I'll try the Solar one, spending is now justified as necessary research for the fellas! 🤣👍 Will let you know obvs
  10. Yeah it must be good coz I've had it for so long but those bed buddies look decent. Gonna hold on and really consider this coz I've never sat on my bed and thought oh I need a back rest, I like sitting on the floor in front of the bedchair when the weather is OK and the adjusta chair whilst not adjustable as such is comfy enough. Going Brothers Lake in Oct so just thinking do I need a better chair for a weeks session. Truth is when fishing I'm standing watching more than sitting.
  11. Nice one Elmo - shame the price has gone up so much but deffo a top contender, thanks for the feedback 😎👍
  12. I'm sure they've got it right - only one way to tell I think will buy and report back or get the one Elmo pointed out if I can find cheaper. 👍
  13. Yeah it looks great - just that bar underneath when used on the bed, would you feel it? Seen it for 85 quid, looks a bit of a bargain. Still using my old fox adjusta chair - proper light, poor pack down coz not flat all over and no adjustment whatsoever, in theory it's rubbish but its my longest used bit of kit at well over 30 years and still going strong.
  14. Looking for a lightweight low chair that also fits on the bed. Has anyone got one of these: https://www.solartackle.co.uk/products/chairs-bedchairs/south-westerly-pro-combi-chair-(bed-fit-recline) When on the bed can you feel the rear legs folded under your legs?
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