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  1. Think I'll try the Solar one, spending is now justified as necessary research for the fellas! 🤣👍 Will let you know obvs
  2. Yeah it must be good coz I've had it for so long but those bed buddies look decent. Gonna hold on and really consider this coz I've never sat on my bed and thought oh I need a back rest, I like sitting on the floor in front of the bedchair when the weather is OK and the adjusta chair whilst not adjustable as such is comfy enough. Going Brothers Lake in Oct so just thinking do I need a better chair for a weeks session. Truth is when fishing I'm standing watching more than sitting.
  3. Nice one Elmo - shame the price has gone up so much but deffo a top contender, thanks for the feedback 😎👍
  4. I'm sure they've got it right - only one way to tell I think will buy and report back or get the one Elmo pointed out if I can find cheaper. 👍
  5. Yeah it looks great - just that bar underneath when used on the bed, would you feel it? Seen it for 85 quid, looks a bit of a bargain. Still using my old fox adjusta chair - proper light, poor pack down coz not flat all over and no adjustment whatsoever, in theory it's rubbish but its my longest used bit of kit at well over 30 years and still going strong.
  6. Looking for a lightweight low chair that also fits on the bed. Has anyone got one of these: https://www.solartackle.co.uk/products/chairs-bedchairs/south-westerly-pro-combi-chair-(bed-fit-recline) When on the bed can you feel the rear legs folded under your legs?
  7. Picture the 3 of us together shaking our heads and pointing at you 🤣 Poorly toe, bit of rain - not very Terry Hearn is it? 🤣😎👍
  8. Noddy mistake, should have done the extra night lol
  9. I think generally I feel more confident before, during and after rain, it's a weather event and can trigger feeding. You blew your opportunity - just like Yonny says lol 🤣 In all honesty I think I've packed up during rain and bought back soaked kit less than a handful of times over all those years, theres usually a window to get the job done.
  10. Makes sense about the pellets. Not a bait expert but I know my particle mix came from Hinders, I did think it was good at that time. I've bought prepared from Kent Particles which were OK and my mate recently bought his Tigers etc from Blakes Baits. Pellets we get from British Aqua Feeds (BAF)
  11. Sorry to hear that - thats terrible luck - hope you recover well. Sadly I'm too far away but I imagine someone will be able to help.
  12. The aniseed is the only bit I'm keen on, love the smell - dont use particle much at all tbh but when I have I've caught and I put that down partly to the aniseed lol 👍😎
  13. I wouldn't be looking to move away from the biggest weed growth and shallower water, in theory it's bang on 👍
  14. Most likely rented as a growing on pond, fish farms do this.
  15. 👀 I know I said I was done with spending but come on.... 🤩
  16. If you dont get a single bleep when the hangers off completely and line out the clip the alarm is not fit for purpose regardles of lead set-up or hanger weight. But I do understand that some have no issues, my left one in particular was a pain from day 1, but all suffered from the issues raised. The only suprise for me was how long it took me to throw in the towel.
  17. Couldn't help but notice how much lighter the pod/bars bag felt after swapping them over last night. They're mega - right choice - cheers mate 👌
  18. A set of Fox RX+ alarms, finally given up on the Delks, after no bleeps on a take last week it was the final straw - no more worrying about rain, humidity or them just not feeling like working. Hopefully less false bleeps too - win win 😁👍
  19. It does indeed test the suspension - big lake, dropped the other one as too distracting as you know.
  20. Last weekend, same swim, same baiting - all 3 on the yellow, similar conditions. Took the baitboat in case I wanted to fish upto the island and find fishable ground with the sonar, but all this showed me was that my normal spots are deffo the one so left them there for the duration of the session no recasts just a bait top up for the 2nd night. Just a couple crashed all weekend - no feeding activity, got it wrong again lol Need these fish to spawn and be normal - taking forever with this weather. Maybe next time
  21. I've lost fish due to putting on waders, struggling - not keeping up the right tension and fish shakes the hook. Probably the mistake that sticks with me the most, did I even need waders on really, could I have just gone in and dried the clothes after, did I have spares anyway - these were potentially special fish and I was only doing the night - crazy to even look at the waders in hindsight, much quicker to takes trousers and shoes off and go in. So angry with myself still years later - poor decision making!!! and those devices are so expensive for a piece of plastic, you get similar holding new slippers together for free - talk about carp tax, good idea but rip off.
  22. Slip d to me is a supple stripped multi rig, held in place as you say with a kicker. Can change the hook like this. I've got one pack in the tackle box with what looks like a mix of fox flippas, korda ones and something else. The short Fox Flippas seems ok, not used the others much if at all.
  23. Why do you need the hook bead? Isnt the slip d free running up and down
  24. Got down Fri night about 8pm, 3 of the swims down the windard end were taken and I didn't fancy fitting in between. I thought they might push them out anyway and with cold night temps they might make their way up the other end. Saturday 11am I see the first of around 15 - 20 shows over the course of an hour, some over the rods so wasn't a complete surprise when the left hander pulled up at 1pm. A low double common 12.4lb, female still full of eggs (fish are so behind due to the influx of cold water), so I was made up, another swim caught from and a spot found back in March. Sunday morning, they arrived at 10.30 with one crashing out against the island, then 3 subtle rolls at 11am just short of the rods. 11.15 I'm on the phone and notice the left hangers off and line out the clip but no bleeps whatsoever (no idea), pick up the rod and there's a weight on the other end and weeded up short of the spot, I pull it out and gain 10-20 yards and it's off, hook pull - damn! Interesting it was the left rod both times especially as the fish arrived from right to left. It was the only yellow bait - with corn in the mix so I'll take that forward next session, all 3 on yellow.
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