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  1. Well I'm glad you've thought it all through , Highy ; having spent time , and money building up your Carp gear . 😃
  2. Hi Everyone . Has anyone fished / are fishing any GAPS waters , and if so what do you think of them please ? . Ta . 😃
  3. Hi Nick I tried the Medium jacket on at Tackle Up , and it's a lovely jacket . But it's not really what I need , which is a Winter jacket . Thanks anyway . 😃
  4. Hi everyone Has anyone a personal review of the above jacket please ? . I currently have an old Sundridge Minus 10C Suit which keeps me warm , but it's a bit bulky so I'm thinking of matching my Jack Pyke zip off leggings with a warm jacket . 🤔
  5. What about taking Super Dog for long walks around Amberswood , plotting and planning next seasons campaign ? ; I sometimes get more pleasure out of all the pre fishing planning than the actual fishing which is mostly a bit of a let down . 😃
  6. crusian


    What part of Scotland did you go to , David ? .
  7. I don't mind using barbless hooks as I used to stress when I struggled to unhook a fish , but now the hook falls out in the net a lot of the time . I agree that not having a barb on the hook means the hook can move around in the Carp's mouth causing tears especially if I need to apply pressure to keep the Carp away from snags . However , I love the lake I fish , especially as there are more match anglers than Carp anglers so there's not so much competition ; sometimes just me against the Carp . 😃
  8. You've got so much room in your bivvy , Highy , why not hang up a glitter ball , and have yourself a disco ? . Or maybe some Morris Dancers ? . 😁
  9. Thanks , Elmo . The jprecision hook is one I can look at as I'm only allowed to use barbless hooks - crimping / filing not allowed . 😃
  10. That's great thanks , Kev. I'm already using ESP Tungsten Loaded Semi Stiff since Yonny recommended it ; I did have a try with Korda Ready Made multi rig with the Kamo Braid , but I found the coating didn't keep it's rigidity over time , and so messed the presentation up . So now I'm concentrating on whether to use a hook with an in- turned , or out - turned eye . 🤔
  11. Hello Commonly . I've not been happy with the hook holds I've had with Kranks which I put down to the size of Carp that I catch . ESP Trig Hammers were a particular disaster for me .
  12. Thanks very much , Kev. At the moment I have one rod with a Ronnie , and the other with a multi rig so I can try different hook patterns ; the pattern I'm trying at the moment is a ESP Grip Rigger which has an out turned eye .
  13. Hello Kev Could you describe your pop-up rig please , or do you prefer not to say ? . I use pop-ups exclusively , and all the Carp I catch are hooked in the scissors ; that's using a Ronnie Rig with a Gardner Mugga Sz. 6 . Like Kindfisher I'm keen to hook the Carp I catch in the tougher , less inclined to damage lips rather than the scissors . 😃
  14. I don't have your experience of fishing a big water , Commonly , so I'm curious as to why you suggest a Winter campaign rather than now in the Autumn - I thought Winter was the hardest month ? . Is it because the smaller fish are less active as it gets colder ? . 😃
  15. You mention using Wafters , is this because the lake bed is " dirty " i.e. covered in leaves and twigs ? . I'm wondering if there is also smelly silt , and the heavier ( ? ) lead you are using on your Carp set up is pulling your bait into the silt / leaves hiding or making your boilies stinky winky ? . 😃
  16. It's not often you see boilies growing on trees neither 😁. Lovely colours on your mirror , Commonly . 😃
  17. How many acres is your water , and are there any features ? . Maybe arrive at the waterside at dawn and watch for any signs of Carp - I'm assuming you are not fishing a huge reservoir , and you can comfortably do a slow circuit looking for signs before you choose a swim .
  18. I'm not sure where to start 🤔 . What are you catching when you are method feeder fishing , i.e. species , size , etc . Have you any idea how many Carp the water holds ? . Maybe a description of the water you are fishing ? . 😃
  19. Did you stretch before , and after exercising , Elmo ? ; a little cool down , and stretch after working out will hopefully help reduce those aching muscles . 😃
  20. Ah , the warrior returns home triumphant 💪 . It's been very entertaining waking up in the morning reading about your latest news , thanks very much . 🍻
  21. Well that looks like a creative solution to your problem , BB . 😃
  22. That's two Mirrors = 2 free nights now , isn't it ? / 😁
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