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  1. First night of the season last night. It was a lot colder than I expected. There was ice on my unhooking mat and bivvy this morning. No bites so far. Still a few hours left though....
  2. I bought my dad a trail cam for Christmas. Apparently there are 2 main types, low glow and no glow. Basically any no glow model should suffice. Tbh, I haven't tested it, but this Amazon model claims to be no glow. Its the 940nm leds that make it no glow. The 850nm leds are closer to.human visible range. 4K 32MP Wildlife Camera, Trail Camera with 0.2s Trigger Time 120°Motion Sensor, Night Vision Motion Activated IP66 Hunting Camera with 940nm No Glow IR LEDs 32GB SD Card for Wildlife Monitoring https://amzn.eu/d/7PdFg34
  3. I've got 3 of the XTE-A 5000s that I've used since new. These were the last they did in a 5000 size. Great reels. Never had a problem with them I can't say why, but I've always preferred rear drag reels and don't see the need for the larger reels where I fish. If I ever fish larger waters or need to get further, I'll probably get a boat.
  4. Sounds like a result to me. 😁 The one in the net looks like it's pretty decent too. Well done.
  5. I always thought a wrap was a unit of weight. Personally, my PB is 14800 wraps. 😁
  6. I'm glad you guy managed to get it sorted. I'll keep my local in my back pocket for a future social when I've fished it a few more times and know what to expect. I've only done one session on there so far and blanked, but it was the hottest day/night of the year so far. Still it's a lovely fishery and it's well off the local roads behind a locked gate, so nice and secure and secluded.
  7. How many people are we looking at? I know somewhere we could easily book out for the weekend, but it's only got space for 8 anglers. It's in Surrey, near the M25.
  8. Could someone purchase a new certificate for the site? 😁 I would think that would count as fishing related.
  9. I finally took a stand yesterday, booked Friday off work and will be out for a 24hr session. It'll be my first real usage of my new bivvy. I might pick up a cheap weighing tripod before I go. Looking forward to it. 😁
  10. That always seems to be what happens to me every summer. I start the year saying I'll get out every month, but I usually find myself at this time of year thinking I got out over Easter a few times and around the May bank holidays, but now it's July and I haven't been out in almost 2 months. I doesn't help that family always wants to come over on the weekends, but that's down to the distance they have to travel. TBH, I've got a new fishery opened up near me and it looks really nice, but they run 24 hour sessions starting at 10AM, so a Friday night is out of the question unless I take Friday off work and I wouldn't want to be coming home Monday morning to put tackle away before work...... It's a lovely lake for a social. There's only 7 swims.
  11. I've got the fox frontier xl. I'm 5'10" and can almost stand straight. It also has an almost flat back, but is deeper than most 1 man bivvies, but has loads of room. Great bit of kit and is up in less than 2 minutes from unzipping the bag.
  12. A bottle of Goo (Orange) A pot of RG Baits Vita-Lac Hookers A packet of RidgeMonkey kickers A packet of RidgeMonkey PVA bags (Large) I've never tried Goo before, so it might be interesting to see what happens.
  13. I mustn't go to tackle shop opening days. Daiwa Crosscast Ext 3.5 Daiwa IS Ext sleeve x 2 Ridgemonkey connect standard granite (for the Mrs) 2 packs of hooks Captive backlead. Free goody bag
  14. Hi Steve. The only big thing I can think of is the Ronnie/spinner rig, but there were probably variants of it around back then. I would definitely say shelf life boilies are miles better than they were. Apart from that, it's all been incremental gains.
  15. Fox Frontier XD, plus Vapour Peak. Fox Duralite Combo chair. RidgeMonkey Ruggage Rucksack Some terminal tackle bits and bobs and some bait. Now I've finally got a proper bivvy, I might get a few overnighters in if the weather warms up a bit.😁
  16. InteraX


    try searching for fisheries 4 sale. There's several sites there. Mostly purchases, but occasionally leases come up.
  17. Looking at the Avid and Jag products, I think I would prefer the Wychwood. It looks like Wychwood still do their Netstation. A quick search shows 2 sites with it in stock for £18. When it first came out, I thought it was a bit of a silly idea, but I now know different. As for weighing every fish, it really depends on the water involved etc. For a new water, it's useful to get an idea of what's lurking around. For a water that I know tops out at 15lb, I probably wouldn't bother, but for a water that tops out around 25lb, and it looks over 10lb , I might just weigh it. If the water tops out over 40lb, I probably won't bother until I'm over 20lb. It also depends if I've had a break and need to refresh my memory of what's what.
  18. Surely you fall under the following. any applicant unable to be recommended will be invited to attend an informal meeting to discuss their application. just apply and take if from there. I'm not a member and don't know if anyone on here is. looking at their list of waters though, I can see them being picky.
  19. Talking about any health issues is not being a bore. I've never historically had a problem with getting an in person appointment with my doctor, not that I've really bothered them much in the past. I now need an in-person appointment to discuss a couple of issues and am being told I need to call on a specific day/time to book an in-person appointment, but can book a same day telephone consultation. Why? Why can't I just see someone? What happened to service? What does NHS stand for?
  20. Hi guys, Has anyone here fished in the Netherlands before? What are the rules/license requirements. I've seen information on the VISpas. This seems to cover most publicly accessible stretches of water like rivers and large public lakes. From what I read, as I am fishing a private lake, I don't think I need it. Is this correct? Thanks.
  21. Hi guys, I'm looking at Nash Dwarf rods for when I'm really tight for space in the car. I already have 2 x Nash hgun 9ft 2.75lb rods. I've always found them to feel like broom sticks compared to my Greys Prodigy Plus 12ft 2.75lb rods. Ideally I'll like something with a similar feel to my Greys but at 9ft or 10ft and the price if a dwarf to fit across the boot of the Mrs car. I've just tried a current 10ft 2.75lb dwarf and it felt incredibly stiff still. Are the scopes any better?
  22. This is really sad news. A stalwart of childrens and comic film & TV. He was a fantastic all round entertainer. As a young child I remember hearing his song Right Said Fred, narrating the Wombles, as I got older seeing him in films and then later on back on TV in Dr. Who and Catching the Impossible and discovering Passion for Angling. Then my kids saw him in Old Jack's Boat as they grew up. I managed to meet him once at the Carp Society show in Sandown and got his signature on the Catching the Impossible DVD box set and the book. He came across as a genuinely nice, quiet and gentle person who was highly appreciative of his fans and who would make time for anyone who wanted to just say hi. Rest in peace Bernard. You will be missed and remembered by generations far into the future.
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