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The football thread

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1 hour ago, nigewoodcock said:

I'll watch the first 1/4 maybe 1/2. Then catch the rest tomorrow evening. Just need to keep the radio, Facebook and twitter off tomorrow so I don't hear the result

We'll see how long my interest lasts, I haven't watched an NFL game all year but I'm willing to be entertained, and the half-time show could be good.

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well fun size franco got his 3 points at last v fulham but things don't get any easier and i fear we may struggle for the remainder of the season. it's now a long pre season of rebuilding as far as i'm concerned and hopefully better things next season. just hope the little man gets the time that is so obviously needed. meanwhile we keep right on

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Sad goodbye to Claudio Ranieri.


Winning the Premier League with Leicester City, over achieving big time, then struggling this season. Really sad that he's gone, and just shows how fickle football is. A manager now must be instantly winning, and holding position, no room for any loss of position

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Not go on the fiddle and try and get £160m worth of new players to actually play football !!!!!! 😆😆😆


in saying that they was in the  💩 when he went there and he has kept em up. I just think the fans expected a lot more out of this season...... I’ve found it hilarious 😆😆😆

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3 minutes ago, carpmachine said:

Some clubs will never be regular top 4, trouble is the fans wont accept that, they all want to do a leicester.

I agree but this is the first time they have spent some real money and I think the fans especially the ones I work with had really high hopes for this season...... it’s been a great 9 months taking the Mick !!!! 😎😆😆😆

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