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The football thread

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After playing abysmally in the 1st half; West Ham took Hull apart in the 2nd half and were worthy of the victory.


If Hull knew how to hit the back of the net, it would have been a different story.


Steve Bruce needs a goalscorer during the January transfer window or I think Hull will be playing in the Championship next season.

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It only seemed like 5 mins ago that Hull was in the FA Cup final and a hard to beat mid table team ..... Funny how footy is only needs a bad run to kick in and the best of teams can struggle.


Nice thread Dal I'll stay on this and not interrupt yours and Ian PVC thread

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A good victory Dal mate


I'm over the moon, Tim. More so with the mature performance than anything else.


I have to say, it's renewed my confidence in Wenger. I love the flowing, passing football that we play; but sometimes you need to look at the opposition and adjust your tactics to suit. It's something that Mourinho is a master of, and something that I didn't think Wenger had in him.


I'm happy to be proved wrong 8) although confused that he hasn't done it before :confused:

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The new Crell Impulsive Fused boilies, normally £17.38 per kg, but as it's you and your buying 30kg, I'll let you have them for £16.50 per kg.


(don't tell anyone, I'm a failed tester and got loads of it spare :wink: )


I guarantee that if you don't catch on them, your bathroom and kitchen will sparkle like never before.


Not bad discount if you ask me.


It's got some good stuff in it. :mrgreen:

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