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Samsung phones are amazing for indoor shots, I go to a lot of gigs and my mates get far better shots than me, although the new apple phones are brilliant cameras now, especially with the editing software and various apps you can get amazing results. Some of mine are with a canon DSLR but most are just iPhone 

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23 minutes ago, finchey said:

Well I thought I'd but a couple of photos on.1257045582_20200208_1032412.thumb.jpg.77e1f93d2d831a156dc6ffe5866e6d56.jpg

This one is a Samsung filter. 1913058044_20191024_0933502.thumb.jpg.cbfab4ce3fb5b2ee1f71e438dd197b5b.jpg

A holiday snap it came of the phone. IMG_20170817_204123.thumb.jpg.6499d7ea152ac124304ae5f2e8b80414.jpg

And another one straight from the phone of one of my local lakes. 

Great shots... once you get used to using the camera software you can get some great effects

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13 minutes ago, framey said:

I’d love to be able to use a camera 

like that

It’s just practice mate, experiment with the filters and effects on your phone. I’m no expert but I found effects I like and pretty much go to them each time to see if I can make them better. Saturation is a great tool if used carefully, just deepen the colour slightly

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