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  1. I’d have to sell them collection only unless seller wanted to pay extra… thanks
  2. Good point about the 3 rods, it may be the way forward. I was originally going to put them on fb until I saw his ad. Still may but put a reserve on. cheers
  3. I’ll watch whatever happens to them other rods… 👍
  4. hi, I have a pair of Bob James Normark carp rods, 2.5lb test curve and 3pc. They’re around 25 years old and used once, I blanked, they are in pristine condition inc the bags they’re in and still have cellophane on the handles. I’ve just seen a similar pair on eBay and I was wondering what mine would be worth. I actually have 3 but i want to keep one, this one hasn’t been out of the bag… I’ll show the ad on eBay and a shot of mine as a comparison has anyone any idea about these? thanks…. Sparky
  5. Cheers for that mate.... I think I’m going to join barnton and frodsham, it seems a small and fairly quiet club which is more what I’m looking for really. This lockdown has made me pretty antisocial if I’m honest and I’d rather be on my own or with very few people around
  6. Before boilies we used cat food mixed with ground bait into a paste, it was deadly trying to keep carp anglers off wasn’t something I’d thought of but I get that
  7. The question wasn’t really about if boilies are the best bait, I just wondered why some fisheries ban them if they’re nutritionally good for fish
  8. why do some lakes have Boilie bans. Back in the 80’s the only places I knew of that banned them were uninformed fisheries. nowadays there’s a wealth of scientific info regarding what the fish need and what goes into boilies, so surely for the benefit of the fish they should be allowed
  9. Jebus we’re all knackered haha.... lots of good advice here. I’m going to a small site in April and going to see how I get on. My biggest worry is bending to unhook fish (presuming I don’t actually blank), so that will be the tester
  10. Driven past hundreds of times and obviously know it’s history, but for short ish sessions I’m looking more at Lancashire or Cheshire, at a push I’d head into the dark lands of West Yorkshire
  11. I’m having problems with the motorhome to be fair, there are a lot of sites now that have fishing tho, and some have great fishing. Luckily for me the mrs likes being out in the van and she likes the countryside
  12. I have been looking at these, wish they’d had them 20 years ago... I’d pretty much decided that I was going to use my camping chair as much as possible, it’s just quite big. I certainly can’t afford the power barrow, as much as it would help me massively. I’ve kind of decided how I’m going to have do things. Mainly picking lakes where I can park close by, if i go in my MH then the mrs will help me carry stuff and she can chill in the van
  13. Cheers for the advice. I think a barrow and bait boat are going on the shopping list. Maybe maybe you 2 guys could see if theres a pain management clinic near you as they tend to be a bit more up to speed on these things. I’ve been having tests for years, then my GP referred me to Salford Hope Hospital and they told me what nobody else could. I did a 3 week intensive course for pain management and it was brilliant, I’d recommend it to anyone, and they take from anywhere in UK, on the course they pay for transport, cheap hotels, taxis and grub... may be worth asking your doc about
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