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  1. Well, it has been some time since I caught a carp! Summer drought conditions since mid-June and fishing has been a struggle. Very early morning sessions I managed a few barbel, mostly small. But I did have a couple of decent barbel just before the canicule heat spoiled my chances.... The weed growth did continue during the heatwave - both in the river and along the river banks. Long stretches covering my favourite swims solid with Japanese Knotweed making them unreachable! I lost three big carp over a couple of sessions due to the river weed. It made me rethink my hook-length and leader materials. Having made a few changes I tried again, my next mistake was telling my friend where I was fishing. He of course caught a 31 lb carp and a nice barbel - I blanked! But a few days later I noted some fresh flow in my local stretch, first for months. No idea where that came from! But I had a good idea where I might get a carp, unfortunately my friend came with me! This time I was determined to catch "MY" fish! had a couple of good knocks on the rod tip about 15 minutes after casting to my favourite tiny "hot-spot" where two currents converge over a slight depression. A little while later this great fish took off towards the opposite bank. A tremendous fight ensued, where the carp headed for every snag from boulders to sunken trees. My change of trace/leader material did its job and I got the carp to the net at the third attempt. Weighed over the water in the net, wet net deducted, gave a weight of 38.5 lbs. I had lost a couple from this swim in previous years so it was a great relief to finally get it right. Between the two of us we put the net across my thighs to protect the fish during the "trophy shot" moment. No time wasted the fish was back in the river and after a little rest it was away from the net. My tackle changes were not rocket science. I had to give up with mono, fluoro and uncoated braid and tried ESP tungsten loaded semi-stiff braid. Despite that fish going through the usual snags there was just one small area of coating damaged, the interior braid was still intact. That and changing my lead clip to a Korum type, it did its job and slipped the lead on the take. Oh, my fishing buddy blanked this time! 😂
  2. Another from the river Lot.......
  3. Not too many catfish, fortunately! Yesterday I took my inflatable canoe upriver of Carjac. Lovely afternoon on the river..... The boat has not been used this last couple of years, still looks good.... and had one silure, taken on a big yellow/black shad lure fished under a shear cliff amongst fallen trees. I was lucky to land it!
  4. one of my better barbel from the Lot, caught about a year ago......
  5. Hi gagnaccarp, no idea how the restocking went but I did see a video where it was mentioned. This is a video showing an angler who really knows what he is doing, fishing my local stretch of river...... My fishing has been very much a "mixed-bag" this year. Spring started well but lockdowns have allowed some of my best swims to be vastly overgrown by japanese knotweed, much now over 4 metres high and 30 metres+ depth. my health hiccups this year have not allowed me to do major cut-backs into that..... Away back in March I had a brilliant short 4 hr session on the Lot about a 14 minute drive from my home. Three wonderful carp of 26lb, 29lb and 44lb in the first three hours and then , after the carp had moved through, finished off with a nice barbel. So, if I counted the ounces, about 100 lb of wild river fish during a morning sat in the Spring sun. If I did not have photos I would now think it a dream! The summer was a hard shift with variable weather and river flow generally poor. As I mostly fish for the barbel (carp are my by-catch) I had little to talk about. I did catch a 13 lb after losing two to the rocks in my nearest weir, I have been using barbless hooks due to the carp! Even when fishing for barbel you never know if a carp will snaffle your bait. As this stretch has many in the 50lb-70lb range you can guess how that ends on a 1.5lb tc barbel outfit! Having said that I have had the 29 lb carp and 13 lb carp on the barbel rod! Now it is autumn the river has a little more flow, nightime temperatures have dropped and the barbel are feeding again. Many are under 2lbs and the only way to avoid them is bigger baits. Unfortunately, although that keeps the average barbel caught at around 4 lbs, the carp like a 20 mm boilie just fine! I hooked on a couple of weeks ago that took about 60 metres of line across the river, then the same downriver - all in seconds! I pumped it back slowly hoping it would head back mid-stream....but it decided to go into fallen trees to my right! So many snags, if you want the carp here you really must have an inflatable boat to follow the fish! Follow all the best advice on building rigs that allow the weight to be lost first and the line to fail at the hook-length. No harm in using barbless hooks, these river carp fight so hard these hooks will not fall out during the fight! I am planning a longer than usual daytime session soon - with the heaviest tackle I have. Best I take my inflatable canoe as well!
  6. Just got a few minutes, here are last years. All between 14lb and 20lb for me. But my friend wanted to catch a carp so I had set him up with tackle and he got the biggie at 34lb. Fishing with friends not always recommended!!!!!
  7. Forgot my password for a while so never got round to putting up a report of my 2020 carp. This year a few problems distracted me but here finally are a few recent carp photos. I was fishing for barbel, but always take my carp rod. When I saw the river at perfect flow and felt it was warming in the sun I felt confident there might be carp about. Put the heavy rod out at long range downriver whilst I fished the feeder rod for barbel. The 26lb fully scaled came first, then the 29lb "ugly" carp took on my feeder rod. Last was a massive 42lb fully scaled river carp - Dream Fish! I did not take that last one up the bank, released quickly as it had put up a really good fight in the current. I will find a few photos after lunch of last years carp.
  8. I have not used tiger nuts for bait yet - but I have eaten them myself! There is a good amount of vegetable fat in tiger nuts, as well as the fibre most seem to think is the main point of eating them. They are a bit tough but can be chewed, the flavour reminds me of hazlenuts. Lately I have blitzed a few hand fulls in a heavy duty blender to produce a flour. It's best to push the resulting coarse flour through a sieve and then blitz the rougher particles in the blender again, then the sieve a final time. Any larger particles left I chuck in my groundbait mix - nothing wasted! My wife makes bread and adds about 15% tigernut flour to her wholemeal mix. The baked loaf has a better crust and the flavour is subtle, nutty and very slightly sweet. Looks like we have a winner with this flour - tigernuts are tasty!
  9. For me and river carp the Shimano Oceana OC Baitrunner in 6000 or 8000 size is perfect. It does not have a "longcast" style spool but casts up to 100yds with a 3ozs weight smoothly. I use mine with 30lb braid and the drag and baitrunner have been faultless. As for the line-clip I am not sure, I only use mine to hold things in place when not fishing! The price is not bad either - about £110 if you shop around. My 8000 OC is at least several years old now, has done a lot of sea fishing and topped with several carp to over 40lb on the river Lot, France. This carp was caught on the 6000 OC......
  10. One autumn the setting sun briefly lit up this scene on the river Lot, France. Quite a magical moment which I was fortunate to capture!
  11. It's hard not to take a good photo here!
  12. I have an auto-immune disease (lupus) that was first diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis. It was a battle over many years to get it correctly diagnosed and actually took two decades before I found doctors who were competent at treating the illness. Most gave me steroids (prednisilone) and painkillers, then sent me on my way! I ended up hooked on painkillers, and it took years to get off steroids with all their long term complications. Anyway, nearly died after severe pneumonia set in. THEN the doctors took my illness seriously! Finally (only took 20 years!) I found a couple of specialists who turned things round for me - I really do owe them my life! My advice on anything health related is to find the best doctor you can that really understand your particular condition. Practical advice on fishing: Don't drive too far, it is far more tiring than most will admit! Short fishing sessions Minimise your tackle - one rod/reel, rest, small bag of bits, bucket with bait, landing net, chair Search those places where you can get your car close I had to admit defeat with sea fishing, but when I got my state pension retired to France. I was lucky to be able to do that with a lot of support from my wife. Settled for river fishing and have spent the last three years searching locally for easy places to fish - and my health is improving! Here I am parked on the slipway (out of boating season) with my Decathlon chair (very comfy!) placed to take in the view. ......and caught some barbel, even hooked what was probably a carp - hooked pulled!
  13. For traces and leaders I have been using Seaguar Abrazx 100% Fluorocarbon. Hangs straight but is very supple, it is used as a mainline in the US. I bought mine from the US off ebay, sometimes Amazon have it listed as well. https://seaguar.com/freshwater/fluorocarbon/abrazx
  14. seaguar abrazx fluorocarbon fishing line Not sure if this available in Europe yet. I bought some off ebay from a US supplier. Postage was not cheap but it still worked out cheaper than other Seaguar fluorocarbon lines here. I have been using the 15lb in rocky swims for barbel, it's proving very tough and has taken a few carp between 14lb - 19lb as well. The braid hook length materials do not work for me here on the river Lot, France. Tried a few now, but few bites and no fish!
  15. Hi David, thanks for that very interesting post and the bit about caves and water temperatures might come in handy for winter fishing. Maybe even in summer as water temperature can be in the mid-20c bracket and the fish seem to hide up! I still have not really tried the Cele! So far I have been so obsessed by the Lot that I think of little else (ask my wife!) My best fish from the Lot last year....
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