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  1. I’m at a lose to what’s what but I wouldn’t have it carpbel
  2. Enjoyed being out even if it did lash down. Had some tiny little visitors
  3. Had two small ones yesterday it’s not like it used to be they are so clued up it’s unreal wouldn’t even take a slow sinking fly
  4. After all the time they been together a kick right in the teeth But no one really knows what’s what only them
  5. Best of luck highly I was gonna be on the bank today but had a pettymal last night so sleep most of the day for me
  6. The futures bright the light is highly 😂😂
  7. I’ve taken the old school approach I’m there to catch them not feed them at this time of yr they have that much natural food I’m not going to compete with that I’ll use it to my advantage the more naturals you can get on your hookbait the better it becomes a larder 🤔🤔
  8. Guys your probably not doing nothing wrong the carp gremlins got a hold of you by the sounds of it don’t put no bait in fish a single
  9. They look awesome with some hard graft an elbow grease they would make a nice water or two I’d make them one water myself personally
  10. I don’t get bothered but this yr between them an the midges it’s been a nightmare it was that bad the other night I packed up early eaten alive ouch a friend said tabbaco an garlic with spit an rub it on is this right ouch you been in the forces but I know what a wind up bunch you lot are I’ve seen a few sleeping bags tied up trees with a person in 😂😂
  11. It’s a nightmare when you know you should have had one an haven’t I’d have used a stiff boomed combi every man an his dog is using ronni rigs I’ve noticed if it ain’t broke elmo
  12. This was taken yesterday before a take tore the right hand alarm clean off
  13. The buzzard went back safely and while it was there another young buzzard joined it and they flew off togeather so I’m a happy man and had two carp yesterday from the park lake but can’t print the pics as publicity ban one was an unknown 30 so big smile’s on my face today
  14. Half hour it goes really stiff if left over night
  15. The wharf gets like that mate I fished it for 7 yrs when it was free go down outside the council office to the right of the steps about a rod length maybe a rod an half it should be clear also by the gate the first post there should be a tiny spot dinner plate size Over the rats is a sand spot or if the pipe is emptying out from the steelworks you will have the common hope this is of some help
  16. Had a call today the buzzard is doing really well and I’m able to go release her tomorrow back in the wild
  17. I’ve got a really understanding mrs but she said if ever I mix an roll my crab steamies in the house again that’s it lol she said she could smell them for weeks 😂😂 nose blind me lol
  18. I have twice and it was the same fish it just didn’t know when the game was up and wouldn’t give up the people who caught it after I have have all said the same thing it don’t give up
  19. They said they couldn’t find any injury’s they were going to give it food and water keep it for a day or two and she should be good for me to release 🤞🤞
  20. Happy farthers day guys hope it’s been a good one I rescued a young buzzard after hitting it with the car late last night took it to the raptor sanctuary hopefully a few days should be able to release it
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