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  1. Cheers, I might give it a try then, just for fun.
  2. Saw the local store had a few tubs of unflavoured collagen protein powder on sale. Bovine origin, 90% protein. Any good for fishing related use?
  3. We do, a few rivers on the west coast, and some on the east (baltic salmon counts as the same species). The far north is getting pretty decent, apparently. We used to have 228 salmon rivers, but hydroelectric dams, logging routes and pollution has taken it down a few notches, to 30 something. Pike and perch are everywhere, and they do grow big, especially in the baltic archipelago. Some bloke got an 18,1 kg pike earlier this spring (that's a hair short of 40 lbs). That'd be fun to try some day.
  4. They do indeed. Their homepage has boilies, and one basemix (about £110 for 10 kg). The webshop I frequent still has 4-5 of their base mixes. Other thsn that, Northern Baits has one or two mixes becoming available later this year (got their Krillers on the pre-sale). But advice could probably be had, at least.
  5. Oh gods, I can see the smell 😶
  6. Thanks all of you, this cleared up quite a bit of the confusion. Plenty of that for a newbie, when articles on "glug this, boost that" are thirteen a dozen. Plowing through archives on carpology, AD, drennan etc, there's a whole lot of contradictory quotes from various famous anglers.
  7. Why? Oh that's simple; I haven't a clue what I'm doing, that's why 😁 I've got a tub of hard hookers, one of wafters, and some mixed popups. Poking your nose in either tub will singe your nostril hairs; they're quite potent. So yeah, I was assuming that hi-attract bait was one of the first things to try, along with a boilie straight from the bag, and popups, and washed-outs were more for pressured and wary carp. Gods, it's an entire jungle of new things to learn.
  8. Right, that seems easily done How much do you beef up the flavours for a high attraction hookbait? More towards x 1,5 or x 4 (compared to base recipe)?
  9. How much variation do you guys put in your baiting? Same recipe, but different colours and shapes, or a handful of different recipes? That is perhaps a moot point with the pressure on most venues, I guess, but for the waters with few enough anglers that "oh, it's that prat again, lets turn finnicky for a while" is a risk.
  10. Ah, found it. So, predigested fishmeal for solubles, and high protein meal for foodstuff?
  11. Thanks! Aside from CSCP90 (which seems to be some business management certificate flooding my searches), it's much clearer now. I'll do some adjustments, see what ingredients I can get my hands on, and then see how stuff turns out.
  12. Yeah, I was just being thick; the amount of liquid additives are so small it doesn't really matter either way. Lots of new stuff to cram into my skull.
  13. I'm having some trouble bending my head around how to balance the wet ingredients. Dry parts, simple; weigh, blend, then take whatever you need to the egg mix. 1 kg base mix goes to what, roughly 8 eggs. Do you include the oils and hydros in the 1 kg of base mix, or is it added to the 1 kg of dry parts? Reasonably simple for 1 kg batches, but when you do 1 or 4 egg fractions it's a bit more fiddly.
  14. Right, skewing the mix a bit more towards fishmeal for starters, and then start experimenting. Upping the krill might turn them into wafters, with enough fiddling, I guess? Thanks!
  15. I might experiment a bit then, just for fun. When we've had shrimps for dinner, I blitz the shells and heads and mix with cheese curl flour. Good groundbait additive for chub. Any major adjustments to the basemix recipe above I ought to consider?
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