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  1. Any thoughts on stopping or limiting the twist on the rod holders on a rod pod. No matter how tight I do them they still seem to twist out of alignment
  2. Is it possible to leave out the weight if using a pva bag, let that be the weight?
  3. Just been kicked out the house, lol, coated chickpea in tumeric then fried off in copious amounts of garlic and Marmite. DiL gagged B4 refining or the house不不不
  4. Evening all. Thought I'd try out chickpeas instead of corn. Glad I did. Lovely 13lb mirror and a great scrap on light tackle. Rolled chickpeas in egg and cooked in oven to try firm them up, worked too a degree
  5. Thank you,will give ago and post any thing worth mentioning
  6. Would i be right in thinking,due to the way a carp mouths a bait,sucking it in,spitting it out that it wouldn't swallow a fake bait and that using the afore mentioned is ok to use
  7. Good afternoon, just to say hi to everyone. New to both carp.com and carp fishing. I do fish so not entirely new to it but to actually target carp I'm a newby.. I'll definitely be asking for any hints and tips from you guys, if you care to share that is.
  8. Sorry, also, I've noticed bits of foam used to pop off the bottom, or to fish mid water. Is this dangerous for the fish if ingested, along with cork balls? Wouldn't want to harm fish before get going properly
  9. Shock leader, do the same sort of guides apply as they do in sea fishing, 10lb be for each oz of weight. Concerned over knot size going through the eyes of the rod? If fishing a 12lb mainline with either a method or pva bag, would a shock leader be necessary?
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